playing catch up…

23 Nov

On Thursday, i had an evening filled with my 2 favs…art and music.  I headed over to Level 2, for Eric Haze’s art show.  It was pretty good.  I initially went, because I’m quickly becoming a big fan of A-trak and his blog, and he wrote about his experience at a barbecue or something, where he saw Haze’s work with some of Hip-Hop’s legends…you can read about it here. Anyway, so he created this great visual, so i was super ciced, especially as a photographer, to check it out.  Unfortunately there was no photography, I wanted to see contacts sheets…something.  There were some pretty decent abstract modern paintings and what looked like some interesting work on paper.  ‘Abstract’ isn’t exactly my motif, but regardless the show was good, it was great turn out, and the vibe was convivial, mostly because of A-trak’s music selection. The exhibit will be up until the 2nd week of December, so go check it out.

After Haze’s show, I was off to Mercury Lounge…but i made a pit stop at Strand, and found a Crossword Puzzle Dictionary for $1! Yes, that actually made my day.

So Mercury Lounge. The Dig will be a band that you will hear me refer to many times in my blog.  Not only are they my peeps, but they’re also an amazing band, whose live shows are incredible. They just came back from a mini-tour, so this was a welcome back show of sorts.  I can’t wait until their new album comes out, I’ll let you have an exclusive little listen to a track….hope they don’t kill me. sssshhhhh =)

crap…it can’t be uploaded for some reason. I’ll work on it so that it’s available in a later post.

One Response to “playing catch up…”

  1. Daé Lovely December 7, 2009 at 4:50 pm #

    okkk, i enjoy a-trak as well. so, does e. haze do photography as well but just didn’t have any for this collection, or what?

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