i gotta 35mm in ya face…

25 Dec

Last month you may remember that i had a post about a project that I was working on tentatively called In My Bed. I never decided on a title, so In My Bed will suffice.  The project, which was for my 35mm film class (yes people still use film), documented real moments that occur in the private sanctuary we call the bed.

Minus a few tweeks and parts where I went against my gut, I’m happy overall with the results, especially since I was all over the place on how I wanted to document it.  I ended up looking at each person as a character and the bed was their environment, and from there some how capture a dialogue within that moment that could be considered ‘documentary-style.’

The series included 15 images; here are 5 of my favorites.  The image that started this post didn’t make it, but I’m still pleased with it.

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