long live the french!

4 Jan

This week’s album of the week is French band, Phoenix’s album Wolfgang Amedeus Phoenix. When I saw them nominated for a Grammy, i was like who?  Then I saw them listed on a couple top 2009 album lists, by people whom I respect their musical tastes, so I gave them a listen.

It’s a fun album, I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the last couple of days.  For me most of the album sounds like what an amazing day during the summer feels like, if that makes sense.  Take a listen, it feels good.  I’m glad they got a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album.  Even though sadly getting a Grammy nod this year isn’t saying much, it seem like a pop happy teenager made the picks.  Remember when getting a Grammy was a barometer for greatness? …apparently we have no more music award shows that will set the standard.  I hope Oscar doesn’t jump off the same cliff…

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