it’s the contra, man…

12 Jan

If you haven’t caught the free album streaming or bought the early release on iTunes yet, today marks the release of Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album, Contra.  Since I like Vampire Weekend and was counting down the days to give the album a listen,  Contra is this week’s featured album.

Sometimes when you listen to a band’s second effort you end up being disappointed because they ventured way onto another spectrum, trying to experiment with their sound.  This isn’t the case with Vampire Weekend; you can tell that there has been growth, but all and all, minus Ezra Koenig’s voice sounding sexier than i remember, they sound the same. As is said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and apparently it’s not broken, because they have a slue of already sold out shows coming up!  I will say though, i dearly miss the violin, i didn’t hear my favorite sound on any of the tracks, the violin is one of the reasons i loved them, oh well.

My favorite song on the album is Diplomat’s Son, every time is comes on I start dancing and want to be on summer vacation, grooving with a boy at a beach party at sunset, with a drink in one hand and a doobie in the other!  The way the album started with Horchata threw me off, it didn’t sound like an album-starter, but after that i was quite pleased.  Overall the album was fun and uptempo, with a strong ska-like influence, including an 80-esque vibe.

There wasn’t really a song I disliked, The Clash inspired Taxi Cab didn’t exactly mesh with album, it was a little darker and mellower than the rest of the tracks, but I still really like it.  Plus it went well with I Think Ur a Contra, which was slow and pretty and a perfect way to end the album.

For me, California English, Giving Up the Gun, and as mentioned Diplomat’s Son were tracks that stuck out in my head.

If you want to check out the album you can listen to it on the Vampire Weekend website, just click here. Also, if you haven’t heard the 1st single, Cousins, or seen the video that came out for it in November, you can check it out below; i was raving about this video last year.  Ok, now go listen to the album, particularly Diplomat’s Son so you can get your groove on, it’ll automatically make you feel sexy and want to go on vacation!

2 Responses to “it’s the contra, man…”

  1. Big Pops January 12, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    BORING SONG! Video was allright. if the album is anything like this song I’d sharpen the edges dip it in feces and throw it at you like a Chinese star for making me listen to it. Oh wait, nobody has CD’s anymore…we just download from torrent site. I’d still fuck you up.

    • Jay Nima January 13, 2010 at 12:16 am #

      that’s ok, i’d wipe the feces off, play Diplomat’s Son again, and immediately feel awesome… it makes me feel that chill and happy.
      …that beard of yours is making u cranky geesh. ;0)

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