something to marvel about…

25 Jan

This morning I had the very fortunate opportunity to watch the first 2 episodes of the new animated series Black Panther.  I say fortunate, because 3 hours later all content was pulled from the internet! booooooo! And since the cartoon only airs in Australia on ABC3, I have to wait until the next leak to watch episode 3.

Black Panther is a collaboration between Marvel Comics and BET. Many know that i boycott BET and their predominately ignorant content, but I’m making an exception for Black Panther!  It’s refreshing to see a black super hero, African scenery, and tribal Africans who are educated and technologically advanced in a cartoon.  In addition, Black Panther is easy to follow and engaging, we get to learn a super hero’s story from the beginning and there are familiar faces like Captain America, Storm, Wolverine, and Jaggernaut to name a few.

The series debuted on January 16th, and with a star-studded roster, including Jill Scott as the voice of the legendary X-men Storm, Dijimon Hounsou as Black Panther, Stan Lee as General Wallace, Kerry Washington as Princess Shuri, JB Blanc as The Black Knight & Batroc, Carl Lumbly as Uncle S’Yan, and Alfre Woodard as Dondi Reese, this better be coming stateside soon!!!

Since the episodes are gone, below is the trailer, but it gives the series NOOOOOO justice at all.

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