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29 Jan

There’s a secret location in Brooklyn. Well, not exactly a secret, but an undisclosed cathedral caged door that opens into a divinely lit dancing sanctuary.  Finding this treasure is far from hard, but to add to its ambiance there’s no sign on the door, so I tell you, it’s called Deity.

On the border of Downtown Brooklyn and Cobble Hill, this 2 story gem is worth the trip because it holds the sounds of some of the best DJs in the world.  This weekend in particular, DJ Dummy rocks the Underground; I really can’t wait!

Dummy truly understands how to communicate ‘have a good time’ to any crowd.  And have a good time I will! No pretentious clubs, two-stepping & profiling to choppy DJ transitions, but instead just really dancing and vibing out; remembering what good Hip-Hop and music in general sounds like. It’s a perfect way to warm up on a cold night, no fuss. It’s an experience that leaves a smile on your face.

Come out and experience a DJ Dummy party.  Saturday. Deity. Brooklyn. Don’t say i didn’t tell you…

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