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10 Feb

With the craze of 3D movies in 2009, including Avatar (I haven’t seen it), the 1st 3D webisodes, and even the Grammy’s, it appears that everything is gong 3D.  I didn’t even know one could make 3D imagery, in a sort of tangible format, like a magazine, but evidently you can…maybe 3D porn mags are next.  Anyway, I came across a spread by Paris based photographer, Baldovino Barani, who shot a 3D fashion editorial for the 1st issue of Archetype X Magazine.  I don’t have a pair of 3D glasses to fully appreciate the spread, but regardless I found it captivating…it really stimulated my eyes.  I decided to look at more of his work; whether he shoots in black and white or vivid color his imaginative images in exotic locations are elegant, yet oddly sinister.  You can’t help but take a second look…the unearthly gaunt models may have something to do with it as well.

I’ve posted some of the images from the 3D (Total Eclipse of the Heart) spread, and more images from Baldovino Barani‘s work.  To eee more of his work click here.

other works…

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