i can’t stand it when…via trya.com

23 Feb

My relationship article, “I Can’t Stand It When…” for Tyra.com:

It has been said that there is ‘a thin line between love and hate’. While you may love your partner, chances are there are a few things that do that you can’t stand. I talked to couples to get their gripes on some of the small things that can be a major pain! Here are the top ten complaints:

1. Refusing to put the new roll of toilet paper on the holder…”It take 30 seconds!”

2. Eating the food from your teeth picked out by a toothpick… ”Ewww!”

3. Being extremely competitive while playing games (to the point of cheating!)…”It’s not that serious!”

4. Talking through America’s Next Top Model…”Come on it’s my favorite show!”

5. Thinking you are always right…”No, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is not the longest word in the English language!”

6. Doing private things in front of company or out in public; burping, farting, scratching privates…”No one wants to see that!”

7. Texting or making phone calls while taking a number #2…”why are you thinking of me or anyone else during that time?”

8. Giving styling advice…”I can dress myself, I’ve been doing it since I was 5!”

9. Taking too long to get dressed…”We’re just going to the movies, not a premiere!”

10. Having massive amounts of beauty products and buying more to add to the collection…”How many does one person need, and you don’t even use them!”

They might say they can’t stand it, but yet they still go back for more… isn’t love is a funny little thing?

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