with the birds i share this lonely view…

24 Feb

I haven’t written a blurb about the Album of the Week in two weeks.  This is because for the last two weeks Sade’s Solider of Love has been posted as the pick.  I wanted to gush and have amazing things to say about Solider of Love, and while it definitely wasn’t a bad album, I found that most things that I had to say about it were negative.  Since I’m a Sade fanatic (I guess not to the point of never finding fault), I decided not to write anything bad about the album. I will say though, Moon and the Sky, Morning Bird, and the album titled track Solider of Love are beautiful songs.

Sade’s newest effort left me a bit somber; to snap out of it I spent some time listening to Beach House’s new album, Team Dream.  The album didn’t quite get me out of my somber state, but the duo created a very mellow but rhythmic, dreamy vibe, that I really loved.  When you get a chance, check out the Baltimore natives, they are listed as last week’s Album of the Week here.

I was listening to my favorite radio station here in NYC, RXP 101.9, and they played Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. It’s one of my favorite acoustic songs, and it just made me nostalgic for 90’s Alterative bands; great times.  That’s why for this week I decided to go West, and pick one of my all-time favorite bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers, their album Californication, is one of my favorites.  The album holds 5 songs by the L.A. based band that I love, most notably Scar Tissue, as well as Otherside, Californication, Porcelain, and Road Trippin’. If the album had Soul to Squeeze, and even commercially popular Under the Bridge and Give it Away Now, I’d probably lose my mind, but then again it would lose some of the Rock-Rap vibe that is synonymous with RHCP. Take a listen.

Below is the video for Scar Tissue, it’s quite possibly my favorite music video. It completely encapsulates the vibe of the song, and I just want to go out and wander with the sun basking on my face!

SingingFool.com – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue – Music Video

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