7 Jan

I’m movin’ on up and revamping!  According to me, I wasn’t keeping up with my blog and lost my vigor, and it needed a change in direction.  I thought about shutting the whole thing down, but late last year I was toying around with some ideas, and decided to reinvent the blog.

There are a lot of good things that are happening in 2011, I’m not ready to reveal them, but a lot of it will coincide with Movin; the official new name if the blog.  Not that much has change as far as content, but this year will be focused on people, things, music, events, or issues that get me movin’.  Movin’ looks at those things that inspire…or move…you physically, mentally, socially, culturally, and what other adverb you can think of.

So join me as i showcase what gets me movin!

Enjoy and Happy New Decade!

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