16 Feb

Jen Kao

Tuesday afternoon I made my way to Lincoln Center to catch the Jen Kao show. It was my 1st visit to the tents this season. Normally I like many of Jen Kao’s collections. For the Fall 2011 collection, which is based on a story Kao wrote about
‘Wise women journey to a psychedelic sinkhole and abandon armfuls of shiny gifts given to them over time by past lovers, friends and compatriots. And they do this with complete disregard of emotion. A new guard of young,
flippant girls go on pilgrimage here to take a dip in all the fantastic history. When they resurface, they are dripping in reappropriated jewels a nd new-found guidance.’

I appreciate the story, i can see how the clothing should be adorned with color and golds, and how a transition of looks will explain the story, but for me visually too much went on to convey the story; as a result the collection wasn’t cohesive enough for me.. Regardless there were a few great pieces sprinkled in the collection, plus vibrant prints, leather details, beautiful crocheted detailing, and I loved the hair.

This Estuary Printed Silk Chiffon Wrap Kimono was stunning.

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