16 Feb

If you remember from my write-up on the Friday Night Lights mixtape, I’m a big fan of J.Cole. So on Valentine’s Day I was excited to hear that there was a video for his song with Drake, In the Morning.  Sadly I was highly disappointed, the song keeps me moving though, that’s why i’ll still post it on the blog.

As far as the video, J.Cole and Drake were on tour while filming so I know there were time constraints, but I feel this video could have been so much better.  I hope its just some promo video, and not some video that’s supposed to actually be played on MTV. Wait, does MTV still play videos?  As I digress…the video is not horrible or anything, it’s just boring, especially when the song lends its self for far better visuals. The upside? …ummm the girl in the video (although the song references two girls) is cute?

What are your thoughts? Agree? Or am I being my normal overly critical self?

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