13 Sep

I had the pleasure of attending the Fall 2011 Honor show last season, so I was happy to get the chance to check out the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  Although there were some suits that I would never wear, there was an overall beauty to the collection.  The detailing was what stood out to me, as well as what designer, Giovanna Randall, was able to do with lace.  The garments were so feminine, yet quite sexy.  And the back of the garments were to die for, particularly on her ultra feminine dresses. 

GIovanna Randall also presented the collection in a fresh way, when the girls came out, there was a blower to make the outfits move, and reveal little lace undies.  This is Honor’s 3rd show, and 1st show under the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents.  I look forward to more, or I can always stop by the new store in the meat packing district.

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