15 Sep

I left the Perry Ellis show saying yummy, although my favorite model of the show only walked at the end….i wish i knew his name,!  Anyway, Creative Director and designer, John Crocco did a nice job with 2012 Spring collection, and who ever did the casting did a spectacular job.  Over the seasons, we’ve seen Crocco infuse more color into the Perry Ellis brand, and this spring he opted for a more muted color palete.  I got a chance to speak with the designer, and he said he was inspired by the Arizona deserts, and that can be clearly scene.  With heavy use of khaki and creams, accented with corals, cyans, purples, yellows and blues, I could see the desert sky at sunset.

Although i would love a man with a little more edgy style than the Perry Ellis man, everyone once and a while, or on vacation, I’d enjoy this pumped up preppy look.

The best part of the show, was of course the boys, but more importantly at the finale, when all the models came out shirtless.  OOOh Wee! All of the ladies, and most of the men, were quite happy, let me tell you!


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