WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: inspirational souls

13 Nov

I just finished watching Red Bull Academy’s 2 hour lecture series with Erykah Badu! It’s hard for me to watch movies because I get antsy watching a screen for too long, but this was time very well spent, quite the engaging 2 hours!

The video came at the perfect time. I had literally finished writing my 1st journal entry in 16 months, and had written about finding inspiration, and getting reconnected with my soul again. And then BAM, right at the top screen, I see a Tweet Deck notification from Witches’ Brew saying “Erykah Badu – Up Close.”  My photographer’s mind figured it was a picture so I clicked, but it turned out to be an interview with Ms. Badu.

As a music lover both on the creative side as well as the business side, the interview was enlighting, vivid, warm and refreshing.  And made me wish i had reached my goal of being a producer by 30.  More importantly is that you can’t help but love Erykah!  I know she’ only 8 years older than me, but I want to be her when I grow up!  She’s so chill, level-headed, funny,  sexy without realizing it or trying know who she is and knows what she likes.  Some how what most the video resonated with me so much in regards to today’s journal post today is how’s she’s ever evolving, how it drives her.  I think somewhere in my trying to reach these many goals of mine, the movement towards them and the person controling the movement, got out of sync.  And that person, that soul, is quite a few steps behind my movments. But anyway…

She might not affect you in the same way, but there’s no doubt in my mind that her energy will consume you in some way.  So if you have some time, check, check, it out!

Anyway that’s something I’ll have to figure out, she may not affect you in the same way she did me. But there’s no doubt that her energy will consume you in some.

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