19 Nov

Oh Halloween week…I don’t celebrate Halloween, can you tell?   Except for Monday, black was the dominant color to start off November.  I dress by mood, so I wonder what that means.

Tuesday I call my rock secretary look, although there was little desk work that day, instead i had to shoot VladTV’s interview with Tyrese. On Wednesday night I was a little bored, so I finally caved and bought a pair of stacked, wedged boots.  I’ve been toying with idea of getting the stacked wedge or Chelsea boots, actually, I desperately want Chelsea boots, but I haven’t found the right pair that I can afford, so stacked it was.

Even though I love my faux leather panel leggings from Friday, Tuesday was my favorite outfit. I rarely wear black on black, on black…..but here it works, something with the mixture of the angora cardigan against the sheer button down, works for me.

Style Tip of the Week: If you want to wear high heals wear them, and wear them with pride and confidence! On Tuesday Tyrese said some ish to me about “..its because you’re too damn tall.”  Most secure men think tall is sexy. They are just heels, I’m not actually over 6’0 without them, and really does all that matter when you’re laying down? lol. Also a good man, would never put you down or make you feel bad about something you have no control over.  So if you’re short or tall, rock your height and heels with pride, the day after Tyrese’s comment, I bought those 5 1/2 inch high stacked boots, and wore them 2 days straight, they’re the most comfortable shoes i now own!






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