3 Dec

Thanksgiving week I listened to this nonstop.  I’m kind of obsessed.

I’ve been a Florence + the Machine fan since that fateful winter day in February 2011,  when my neighbor gave me her debut album, Lungs; I’ve literally listened to that album on a weekly basis ever since.  That’s why I was surprised to see Florence Welch was on SNL, being her fashionable, fabulous, but shy self, and promoting her newest project Ceremonials with a choir. I’ve clearly been in a bubble the last few weeks!  She did a stellar job on SNL (you can see it here), but instead of showing that clip, see her cover Drake and Rihanna’s Take Care on BBCR1’s Live Lounge.

Apparently she had the opportunity to go to LA, and make a big studio pop album for her sophomore effort, which she actually considered, but pulled out.  Instead, she stayed in London and recorded Ceremonials at the infamous Abbey Road Studios, a project that is supposed to be a better Lungs, with bigger drums.  Thank good she did that! …I don’t know if its better than Lungs though, there’s a quirkiness about Lungs I enjoyed more…this album is almost produced too well, but I’m not going to complain about something being too good.

I know some people won’t get Florence or her music, but I think it’s amazing! There’s something about the big drums, with her voice, a set of headphones and walking down the streets of NYC, that has this overwhelming, ethereal like feeling. love it! 

What the Water Gave Me (check the video below, set mostly during studio sessions at Abbey Road) and No Lights, No Lights are probably my favorite songs on the album.

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