WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’?: Bob Marley Documentary

20 Feb

There’s been a lot a talk for a while now, about the Bob Marley documentary, Marley,  Finally this spring on April 20th (fitting), the project by Academy Award-winning director, Kevin Macdonald, who did Last King of Scotland, comes out.  Macdonald is known for his documentary work, so I’m excited to see what sort story/angle he’ll portray of the reggae legend. From the trailer, the project seems pretty engaging, and the  beautiful shots of my homeland, Jamaica doesn’t hurt at all; it appears 4/20 is planned.

One Response to “WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’?: Bob Marley Documentary”

  1. marleyrkives February 23, 2012 at 3:41 am #

    See exclusive clips and interview w/Director here:


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