WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: Ne-yo making moves

30 Mar

WOW! WOW! WOW! Let me start off my apologizing for my blogging hiatus, I was on my grind, and kind of renovating my mind, so please forgive me.

As I get the ball moving again with my blog, let me start off with the start of Feature Fridays, which will be a videos I was involved in, in some way.  They’ll mostly be from VladTV, where I’m a videographer and video editor, but there will be other projects highlighted as well.

Since I’ve been on my grind doing lots of things that I’m excited to share over the next couple of weeks, I’ll leave you with this video of Ne-yo talking about all the things he’s doing.  He literally makes me tired listening to his list; tired, but motivated.  I had the pleasure of meeting him, when Bonsu Thompson and I had to do this interview, Bonsu always does great interviews even if he only has 15 minutes!

And when ever I’m in need of real motivation, I watch the video I showed, in this post….it never gets old to me.

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