WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN: The Dig’s ‘Midnight Flowers’

22 Jun

After my good friends, The Dig (thedigmusic.com), showed me the cover of their then, upcoming new album, Midnight Flowers, I had an idea of them at night, in the forest, with a car light. That idea and 2 cold spring nights turned into the above promotional picture for my talented friends. 

Midnight Flowers has been on the charts for the last 3 weeks or so, and is doing great, and getting lots of positive feedback, so much so they landed a residency in LA at Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles.  If you haven’t taken a listen, you should head over to itunes and check it out!  Below is their new video for their song Animal Screams, shot live at Trout Recording Studios shot by Jon Demiglio and after that, check out one of my favorite tracks from the album, I Already Forgot Everything You Said.

Animal Screams

I Already Forgot Everything You Said

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