WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: style diary

18 Oct

In Week 2 for my Fall Style Diary, comfort was key!  I needed things that were quick and easy, plus I was just kind of lazy.  Many people confuse comfortable clothing with sloppy clothing, and that doesn’t have to be the case.  A dress is heck a lot easier for me to put on than a pair jeans, and I instantly look i put in some effort when i really didn’t!  Along with comfort, this week was about a statement piece, which was my new studded leather jacket.  I love it!  It dresses anything up.  The other key piece are my Jeffery Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots.  I’ve been eyeing strap boots for minute, and these did exactly what i wanted; they’re a great pair of moto boots to go with my moto jacket.
My favorites fits this week came in the latter portion of it, which were Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

I started the off with an all nighter working on promo images for artist Jamel Castro, and I think that set the tone for the week; jeans, top, outerwear.

On Tuesday night my new Jeffery Campbell boots came in the mail, and I loved them as soon as I put them on my feet!  Clearly I decided to break them in.

Thursdays I have class at  9am, so I literally have to throw something on to still not make it on time.  I put on a basic knit black dress…throw on the moto jacket and suddenly it looks like I took more than 2 minutes to get dressed.  I actually had to put on the belt on the train; that’s how fast I got dressed.

By Friday leather was clearly (as always) a big thing for me this week, but it warmed up a bit, plus I was tired of wearing my jacket.  I decided to switch things up and wear my favorite leather mini, a great find from H&M, and a jean jacket.

Saturday was a shoot day, my normal MO on shoot days, “is all black everything.”  Speaking of black, by Sunday i realized I was being too dark and too cool for my own good, I needed to smile or something!  I brought out one my favorite pair of suspenders and little bit of color.  Sunday’s outfit has sort of been the impetus of less black and leather for this week, but you’ll have to wait until next week, to see what I came up with.

I also realized I wore my bullet necklace everyday this week! Shout out to Ilia by Tatiana Ilia for the great piece!

And of course the pics! Thanks to photographer Angelica Vanessa for the quick snap of me on Monday, of course my peeps at Vision Alternative (check them out if you haven’t already!) for hooking me up, and I’ll go ahead and shout out myself, Jado Images, for the weekend self-portrait shots.

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