WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Week 8, Fall Diary

11 Jan

Thanksgiving Day week! Boy was I looking forward to a much needed break from work and school, and my trip down to DC to visit my best friend for the holiday’s festivities. I remember this week pretty clearly, because i tried a fashion experiment with myself. Basically I always visualize outfits, usually they end up being items that I don’t actually own, so that’s usually how I decide what will be my next purchase for my closet. This week though, well really Monday and Tuesday I visualized what I would want to wear ideally based on my mood, and figured out what I had in my closet that would most closely emulate that. I liked the results a lot, but by Wednesday I had a midterm to study for and packing to do, so I couldn’t put that much thought into recreating my wardrobe. I’m going to practice this method more in the Winter and see what I come up with.

This is a short week in my Style Diary, by the time I ate all that good food, and relaxed with the important people in my life on Thanksgiving, taking pictures was the last thing on my brain.

MONDAYJACKET: Zara Leather Moto JacketTee: Young & RecklessJeans:Mavi Shoes: ConverseHat: Shannon Phillips

JACKET: Zara Leather Moto Jacket
Tee: Young & Reckless
Jeans:Mavi Shoes: Converse
Hat: Shannon Phillips

The week started out with fairly nice weather, I knew I wanted to rock the rolled up denim look. I also knew I needed to do my hair, so my fedora was a must, and my leather was perfect for the weather. I had just gotten the Young and Reckless tee; I envisioned it cut up, so I chopped it up that morning. I was in such a laid-back, chill mood that day, that white low-top chucks match exactly how I was feeling.


JACKET: Zara Leather Moto Jacket
Cropped Sweater: Tua Belt: Vintage Neckless
Pants: Made by FloBeth (My Mom) circa’01
Shoes: Bakers

Tuesday I had just done my hair, and POW! I was feeling myself.! I woke up still loving rolled pants, and envisioned some sort of genie pants. Genie pants or heram pants aren’t something I own, but I remembered i had a pair of wide-legged pants my mom had made for me when I graduated college back in the day. I haven’t put them on in almost 4 years; just by adding rubber bands to the bottom and rolling them up, and adding a new necklace that I wore as a belt, I revamped my pants and created what I call genie pants. Paired with heels I dusted off in week 5, after not wearing them in years, and a cropped sweater, I created a look I L-O-V-E.  Plus I hadn’t rocked a midriff in a years, if JLo can still do it in her 40s, why can’t I in my 30s?


WEDNESDAY (Travel Day)
Leather Moto Jacket: Zara
Sweater: Keren (Vintage)
Jeans: Piper’s Closet Shoes: Converse
Fedora: Shannon Phillips

On Wednesday fashion was not on the brain, I was thinking of how I was going to pass my midterm that I didn’t study for, how I will I finish my deadlines at work, and if I packed everything for my trip. My only fashion thought was how to be comfortable. The weather was supposed to drop during the weekend, so I made sure to bring my hat, and you can’t really go wrong with a sweater, jeans and chucks. I just added a printed scarf to play off the print of my sweater, and I was ready to go.


THURSDAY (Thanksgiving)
Leather Lapel Blazer: Forever21 Tank: Forever21
Jeans: Lolo Denim Boots: Ecote

By the time I took this picture, I was almost 3 sheets to the wind, but hey it was Thanksgiving! You never can go wrong with a top, blazer and jeans in my book!

Happy Styling!

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