14 Jan

By now, I’ve went to bed and woken up to Justin Timberlake’s new joint Suit & Tie, I think I’ve listen to it 15 times.  If you follow me on twitter, you know I’m feeling it.  I find it to be grown, sexy, soulful, pop  music and I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing more of Timberland and this vibe in the airwaves.

The track features Jay-Z with JT, but i have to say, Jay’s verse was kind of lack luster. The highlight for me was Timberland’s production; Suite & Tie takes me on a ride where i want to two-step, slow motion, and strip tease for my well-dressed man.  With the beat and JT’s crooning, it’s feels perfect for Fall or late Spring, but I’ll take it right now as well!

We haven’t heard new music from Justin since 2006, and although this isn’t some huge smash, i think it’s a great vibe to come back into the music game with; one again JT is bringing sexy back!


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