WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Photography of Brazilian Slaves

13 Nov

I hope this exhibit makes it to NYC!

The images in the video are part of the Brazilian exhibit  “Emancipação, inclusão e exclusão. Desafios do Passado e do Presente” (Emancipation, inclusion and exclusion: Challenges of the Past and Present).  In celebration of the week of black consciousness, the Museum of contemporary art (MAC), in partnership with IMS, present 74 images of slaves in Brazil in various capacities.  Slavery did not end in Brazil until 1888, giving Brazil what may be the world’s largest archive of photography of slavery.

slavery-exhibit-1 escravos-na-colheita-do-cafc3a9-rio-de-janeiro-rj-c-1882 quitandeiras-rio-de-janeiro-rj-c-1875

Originally seen on NPR

Pictures from here.

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