WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Athletes and Body Types

14 Nov


Blast from the past! I grew up watching a lot these athletes from Howard Shatz’s 2002 book, Athlete.

I thought this was a great post especially since in our society we are obsessed with the perfect body.   Yet theses athletes, at the top of their game, have such different body types and shapes.  Also, it was a great opportunity to post Allen Houston and Alonzo Mourning in their skivies, ooooh weeee LOL.

Regardless lets be less obsessed with the ‘ideal’ shall we?

different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-13 different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-11 different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-10 different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-2different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-6 different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-15 51R2M7B5PML._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

See more images from the source: here

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