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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Inspirational Souls

9 Jan

Raedawn Johnson

My friend Raedawn Johnson was featured in!  Raedawn is the founder of Orglamic Beauty and a celebrity makeup artist here in NYC, we’ve collaborated a couple of times, and I’m so happy that she’s getting some shine.  She’s such a great, energetic soul! Check out her great story, as well as a few tips to you aspiring makeup artists.

Here’s and excerpt:

” I was 21 years old, had just landed in New York City and was laser-focused on accomplishing one goal—becoming a well-known, well-respected TV and film actress. After five years of hearing casting directors tell me I didn’t “look ethnic enough” or my skills weren’t “good enough,” I decided I needed a plan B.” Go to to read the rest of the Raedawn’s story.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: Ne-yo making moves

30 Mar

WOW! WOW! WOW! Let me start off my apologizing for my blogging hiatus, I was on my grind, and kind of renovating my mind, so please forgive me.

As I get the ball moving again with my blog, let me start off with the start of Feature Fridays, which will be a videos I was involved in, in some way.  They’ll mostly be from VladTV, where I’m a videographer and video editor, but there will be other projects highlighted as well.

Since I’ve been on my grind doing lots of things that I’m excited to share over the next couple of weeks, I’ll leave you with this video of Ne-yo talking about all the things he’s doing.  He literally makes me tired listening to his list; tired, but motivated.  I had the pleasure of meeting him, when Bonsu Thompson and I had to do this interview, Bonsu always does great interviews even if he only has 15 minutes!

And when ever I’m in need of real motivation, I watch the video I showed, in this post….it never gets old to me.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: in the know

19 Dec

Wow what a crazy year!  So glad I can end the year right, in Barbados with a party spun by my favorite DJ, DJ Dummy.  For my Barbados heads, get ready!

WHAT’S GETS YOU MOVIN: entertainment

1 Apr

Watch an expert of my homie, comedian Mike Brown, at the premiere spot for comedy, Caroline’s; you can watch more on youtube.  Mike is a funny dude and he’s popping up with shows around the city, so check him out.

Learn more about him via twitter (@MBtheREMIX) with his always interesting banter.

Oh! …and I took this promo picture of him.

hey dj won’t u play that song…

5 Mar

For the last 4 days I’ve been trying to upload my video of Boogie Blind from the UBB Tour Launch to no avail. I was finally able to upload a video, but unfortunately it’s only the last leg of his amazing set. He, along with a slew of legendary DJs, rocked BB Kings in NYC on 2/24, to celebrate Ultimate Breaks & Beats hitting the road! Check out the clip below, Boogie killed it and had everyone screaming…he shut it down! I’m not quite sure why DJ Scratch found it necessary to jump into Boogie’s set, maybe he was just hyped or something, hmmm…

As far as the tour, I’m not talking about some sort of CD playing DJs, I’m talking about real DJs. They scratch, mix, do tricks, and know how to rock any party. The lineup is ridiculous, Dj Dummy, Boogie Blind (The X-Ecutionerz), Dj Evil Dee (Da Beatminerz), Dj Scratch, Lord Finesse, Breakbeat Lou (Co-Founder Of Ultimate Breaks & Beats), Dj Incrediboi, Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz), and many more! Big ups to Eddie B Swift for putting this whole thing together. I don’t know which DJs are playing where, but they’re hitting up 25+ cities. I have to double-check the dates, but this is what was on DJ Wayneski’s site. Go see them if you can, you will surely get a music history lesson.

I took a few flicks while I was there, check them out also.

MINN- 6/11
CHI- 6/18
ORL – 6/25
MIA- 7/2
PHILLY- 8/20
NYC 9/13
NYC 9/10
BK 9/17
BX 9/24
CT 10/1
BOS – 10/8

these are a few of my favorite things…

3 Mar

You may have figured out by now that Music and Photography are my passions.  One of my favorite sites/photographers that infuse my passions is  Tone’s work is the closest I’ve seen to what direction I’d ideally like to go with my craft.  He’s able to bring photography, music, and the random minutia that inspires him, together in an intriguing way.  Much of his work also involves visually appealing intimate video interviews with musicians.

His recent posting, 431, is with The Kid Daytona.  I’ve known Daytona for a couple years, but hadn’t seen him for a hot minute. Ironically enough, I saw him last week at Santos and asked him what was going on in his flourishing career. I’ve been slipping on my Hip-Hop game, because apparently he’s the next big thing.  Other than knowing that he’s a genuinely nice guy, with an amazing memory, the last thing I really knew about his music was his Justin Timberlake, Sexy Back remix and his fun single Fly Shit.

I got a chance to check out his new stuff, and I must say all the buzz is warranted!  I’m hyper-critical of Hip-Hop these days, and he’s nice (and I’m not saying this because I know him).  He has a vibe that just might be necessary for the music game right now, and the canter of his flow is refreshing.   There’s a small excerpt from his song Lately in that Tone video.

Look out for The Kid Daytona!

For more about Tone click here.

For more about Daytona click here.

i can’t stand it when…via

23 Feb

My relationship article, “I Can’t Stand It When…” for

It has been said that there is ‘a thin line between love and hate’. While you may love your partner, chances are there are a few things that do that you can’t stand. I talked to couples to get their gripes on some of the small things that can be a major pain! Here are the top ten complaints:

1. Refusing to put the new roll of toilet paper on the holder…”It take 30 seconds!”

2. Eating the food from your teeth picked out by a toothpick… ”Ewww!”

3. Being extremely competitive while playing games (to the point of cheating!)…”It’s not that serious!”

4. Talking through America’s Next Top Model…”Come on it’s my favorite show!”

5. Thinking you are always right…”No, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is not the longest word in the English language!”

6. Doing private things in front of company or out in public; burping, farting, scratching privates…”No one wants to see that!”

7. Texting or making phone calls while taking a number #2…”why are you thinking of me or anyone else during that time?”

8. Giving styling advice…”I can dress myself, I’ve been doing it since I was 5!”

9. Taking too long to get dressed…”We’re just going to the movies, not a premiere!”

10. Having massive amounts of beauty products and buying more to add to the collection…”How many does one person need, and you don’t even use them!”

They might say they can’t stand it, but yet they still go back for more… isn’t love is a funny little thing?