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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: GossYp and Aglit Italy

28 Nov

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I’m always looking for people, things, videos…anything, that inspires me.  Inspiration creatively, visually, mentally, spiritually, just something that moves me. I’ve been fortunate to not only meet, but sometimes shoot many who move me in some way. Because of this, I’m starting a new interview series where we get a chance to speak with some of these people who have moved me in some way and see what they have going on.

For the 1st interview post, I spoke with female music duo, GossYp. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting these beautiful sisters, Adina and Amina, a few time this year. Not only are these Brooklyn born, Long Island-bred girls, chill, down to earth, and nice, they are Continue reading


2 Jul

I just found my summertime party anthem!

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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: DJ Mirandom’s Vol. 22 Undercover Overlover

25 Jun

Here’s what I have on heavy rotation this week! It’s DJ Mirandom’s newest mixtape, Vol. 22 Undercover Overlover, brought to you by Continue reading


4 Dec

I’m addicted to The mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl!

It’s a web series that I was told about in the late Summer by my coworker homie, who actually knows creator, Issa Rae. He told me he thought I’d like it (probably because of my own awkwardness), and that I should check it out. At the time, Episode 2 was on his screen, I watched maybe a minute, didn’t understand what was going on, and just forgot about the show.  Another month later he told me about it again, but I still didn’t check it out.  It wasn’t until over the last couple weeks, I started seeing the web series’ name continuously popping up in my Facebook news feed, and being mentioned by quite the many females that I think are pretty darn cool.  Finally I was swayed, I was having some technical difficulties during an all nighter, so what the hell, I had time.

Within the 1st 10 seconds of episode 1…

“Am I the only one who pretends I’m in a music video when I’m by myself?”

I was hooked. There are only 11 episodes, the 11th which just came out December 1st, so that night I sat and watched all of them back to back.  Sadly, I have to admit, I did the same thing the next night; watched the whoooole series…and half the episodes again, the day after that… I said I was addicted.

No one has really ever attempted to entertain my demographic, and although rapping isn’t my way to deal with stress, there were so many things throughout the episodes that were relatable! Both the story and character(s) are ACTUALLY relatable to me and my life, currently or in the past. Plus I was continuously laughing because the writing is darn good, better than half these sitcoms on TV.

Anyway, I can go on and on, but check out the series here.  I took the liberty of posting Episode 1 below.

See what others have been talking about…it really is that good.


17 Oct

It’s time for another hotness post!

This time I don’t know his name, but while watching my interview with Perry Ellis designer, John Crocco, I remembered my Fashion Week crush. At the Perry Ellis show, I saw this lovely looking gentleman, and I was quite smitten.  I later found out that he was a model for the show, although he only came out for the swimming trunks portion; what was up with that?  He technically was acting way too cool for the model thing, like he wasn’t into it, so maybe he was just someone’s good looking friend, I don’t know.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of watching the models practice before the show, so I snapped that memorable face.  That face had me drooling for weeks! I’m over it now, but far be it from me to stop you from salivating!


1 Oct


I’ve decided to add a new category to What Gets You Movin, and that would be ‘Hotness’!  Since I was about 14, I’ve had these mini crushes on people, a new person almost every other week.  Nothing serious, just someone or sometimes a subject/entity that heightens my radar for the moment.  I’m always sharing these peeps and things to my friends, so why not share them with you also!

For the 1st Hotness feature, I’m highlighting southern rapper, Yelawolf.  I’ve liked Yelawolf for some time now, I was introduced to his name in early 2010, when a friend of mine kept telling me to check out his music.  During that summer, his name continued to pop up, but it wasn’t until Fool’s Gold’s 1st Day Off, last Labor Day weekend, that I got a chance to see Catfish Billy in action; his performance was captivating to say the least.  He pretty much left everyone with their mouth open in awe of his raw talent and energy.  I happened to be beside Dave 1, of Chromeo while Yelawolf performed, and he just kept repeating how crazy this dude’s performance was. Anyone who was unfamiliar with the rapper beforehand, was running to check out his mixtape, Truck Muzik the next day, me included…and so began my intrigue with Yelawolf.

Before we get much further, we’re hitting the home stretch of 2011, I must admit that although I’ve kept an ear out for Yelawolf’s upcoming album (which finally drops Oct 25), he’s been kind of off my radar for most of the year.  Well, minus the time earlier this year, when i was looking at some pictures of him, and I realized how cute he was.  It wasn’t until he came into my job at Vlad TV last week for an interview, that he came back full force on my radar.  Unfortunately I wasn’t in the office the day of the interview, but I was assigned to edit it, and might i say, what a nice assignment!  I can’t reveal all the info that is covered in the interview, because you’ll have to go to Vlad TV over the next couple weeks to see. But for 2 full days of editing, where Yelawolf’s face filled my computer screen, not only did i get to look at quite an attractive specimen (his eyes and eyelashes are to die for!), but i got to find out that the dude is humble, level-headed, chill, and although he talks with audible ellipsis (i do the same thing) he’s quite the articulate rapper.

Check out how he goes in on V-Nasty and white people in general, for using the N-Word; as a fellow southerner I appreciate his words and perspective. If you aren’t familiar with V-Nasty, as Yelawolf clearly wasn’t (his reaction was HILARIOUS! ‘who??’ hahaha) then here’s a sneak peek of her dumb ass.  But before that, feel free to check out Yelawolf’s hotness, oooooh weee!

Yelawof Talks About White People Using the N-Word: