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14 Jan

HELM boots

In doing a random hotel search the other day, I came across a young shoe line called HELM.  HELM which is based in Austin, is designed by Austin-based designer Joshua Bingaman, hand-made in Istanbul, the leather comes from Holland and Australia, and the soles are from Italy and France.  When you wear these boots, which take 5 days to make, it’s sort of like having the world at your feet. Although the brand likes to think of it as if ‘you’re walking around in art.’

The HELM line is unisex; the Jarmon boots are what made me take notice of the line, and I want them!!  I think though that the line is a little too masculine to really be unisex, so the Jarmon or Jarmon Leather are the only boots I’d wear.  BUT I’d sure enough probably date the kind of guy that would rock HELM boots! ..they’re stylish, have personality, yet are solid and well made, plus there’s nothing like a guy who’s into their shoes!

For my New York heads you can find HELM boots at Dunderdon, they’re pricey so be prepared, but come on, they’re hand-made!

Visit HELM:

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11 Jan

Free People catalog is out!

I’m always excited when the newest Free People catalog comes out.  I love their clothes, their styling is usually noteworthy, and the photography without fail is always remarkable.  For their catalogs, the people over at Free People go out of their way to make it magical (yes i said magical lol); for the January catalog they found the magic on the streets of Paris. They also had photographer, Guy Aroch behind the lens.  His work is stunning; he has an innate ability of capturing beautiful passing moments; and most of his work uses an interesting contrast of desaturated and overly vibrant tones. I posted some of my favorites images from the spread, but there are plenty more in the January Free People Catalog. I’m eyeing the Sunburst Maxi Dress for the summer!

Check out the clothes and the catalog promo video, i believe Guy Aroch did the video as well, i’m not sure. What I do know is I need to spend the summer in Paris!

i want it…

30 Mar

From what I understand the iVictrola is already sold out after an exclusive test run, but I want it!  Although I love modern decor, growing up with my mother, I have a deep love for antiques.  The iVictrola designed by Matt Richmond for Made-Craft, is perfect blend of both my antique and modern aesthetic tastes, plus it’s a conversation piece.

The iPod base is made of solid walnut, and is complimented with a Magnavox horn.  What’s great is that it’s not just for show, the music actually plays out the horn! How sexy would that be to have Duke Ellington’s In a Sentimental Mood playing out the iVictrola on a rainy day. * sigh*

i want it…

19 Jan

I have a habit of making up things (clothing items) in my head that don’t actually exist; I probably should have become a designer…hey it’s never too late.  Anyway, since last summer, I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of boots I had a dream about.  They were flat above the ankle lace-up boots, that were dark brown leather with cream canvas side accents, and a brown leather kiltie (the kiltie is optional though).  I don’t like to settle, but I thought i was going to have to resort to one of the high-end fashionable combat boots I’ve seen out.  But alas, the Sendra’s Old English Boot, it’s just about workable.  No cream canvas, instead blue suede, and no kiltie, but that never killed anybody. Sendra is an internationally respected shoe company, known for its amazing and super durable boots.  Which is great and all, but that $458 price tag made me go from a shoegasm to a heart attack! $500 is it worth it? hmmmm….