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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Backseat Freestyle

2 Jan

1) I’ve noticed I’ve been listening to a lot more rap lately; I think my job is infiltrating my mind.

2) Backseat Freestyle, off of my one of my favorite albums of 2012, Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city, is a cool video, black & white, some story line, some mirroring video effects, nothing crazy.  I doubt it is really THE Sherane, but Kendrick’s face when we get to see the infamous ‘Sherane,’ is priceless!

3) More fashion and diverse music selections coming soon… just moving by my day-to-day inspirations.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: All-Star Freestyle

2 Jan

Happy Wednesday! Who’s heading back to work? Meeeee!

I wanted to leave you with new music, All-Star Freestyle, from my good friend Capitol E and his boy Young Jay.  Supporting the up and coming in 2013.


3 Dec

Everyone one needs a good F-bomb in their daily vocabulary, bumping my head to this!  Thanks Witches’ Brew!

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Inspirational Souls

22 Oct


It’s been a while since someone has inspired me, and although I try not to draw too much inspiration from entertainment celebrities, I have to say Pink had me with her glow and energy.

For a little while now, I’ve wondered what’s up with me. I can be sort of Debbie Downer, I’m always tired, more pessimistic than usual, and a lot of my drive to do my best has gone away.  I sort of coughed this up to slight depression due to the stress of going to school full-time, working full-time, starting a new company, and a waning social life. 

But a strange epiphany hit me as I watched Pink in her behind the scenes video for Shape Magazine.  Between watching her do some workout moves, just being a ball of positive energy, and of course the her general happy glow of life and love treating her well, I realized….duh I don’t work out anymore! This year I’ve worked out a handful of times, and the last time i was consistent, and went routinely was 2007!   I used to be a gym rat, I enjoyed pushing myself, accomplishing goals I didn’t think I could reach, and I made it a game to never quit if I was in a class or with a trainer.  I’ve always known that exercise gives you more energy, and in turn makes you happier, but I also think it keeps your drive, passion, and ambition up.  If you go hard in exercise, most time you go hard in life….this is not a proven statement, but I do see a connection.

So thank you Pink! I’ve always liked her since hopping around and being crazy in There You Goback in 2000, and although I’ve always thought she had a rockin’ personality (#TeamVirgo) I have to say she had me smiling because you can tell she is happy; she really inspired me to get my butt in gym and get tight and mentally right!  My desire isn’t to loose weight, but kudos to pink on loosing 55 lbs of baby weight, and also pick up her new album The Truth About Love.

Check the behind the scenes video below, maybe she’ll inspire you like she did me, I know my gym rats definitely will be…looking forward to feel the burn! OW!

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: 5th Anniversary Fool’s Gold Party

20 Oct

OOWWWW! Ghostface Killah is performing tonight at Fool’s Gold’s 5th Anniversary celebration.  Free party and performance?  Fool’s Gold always knows how to do it! 

Make sure you get to Music Hall of Williamsburg there early y’all!


19 Oct

Since winter I’ve been obsessed with The Weeknd’s music!  My favorite of his 2011 efforts (he had 3 mixtapes in 2011) was House of Balloons, so I was happy to see he just dropped a video for the sexy single Wicked Games, from that album! Check out the video above, I like how it was shot, the scene transitions are stellar, they already gave me ideas for an upcoming shoot.  Also I’ve been shooting a lot of black and white videos lately, so I’m particularly feeling it for that reason.  Lastly if you’ve checked out any of the single art, the video keeps with the aesthetic that The Weeknd has put out there from the beginning.  I’ve posted it before, and I’ll say it again….I LOVE those pics!

Make sure to look out for The Weeknd’s upcoming debut album Trilogy in the next couple weeks.

I do have a question though, if I own all 3 mixtapes and the new album only has 3 new songs, and the rest are from the mixtapes…do I got to buy the album? lol

I will, I will…he’s that good.  His music is sexy! The Weeknd is necessary in the current R&B scene.


16 Oct

Check out my long time peeps from DC, rapper Latymez who also doubles as writer and artist/painter/graphic designer.  This is intro promotional video for his upcoming project. Keep your eyes open for him.

Great things come from all the people I know!