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What Gets You Movin’: The Secret Powers of Time

13 Jul

WOW, WOW, WOW!  I haven’t posted in forever!  Instead of beating myself up about it, I’m just going to start posting again, it’s hard to work on 4 site, but hey I’m going to do my best.  It may be a bit random at first as I get my groove back, but these are the things that move, inspire, and interest me, and I hope they move you as well.

So the following video just taught me I’m a Past Negative…i don’t know how much i like that.

The inspiration in posting again, was a video I watched today for a few times, about past oriented people vs. present oriented people, from a talk by Philip Zimbardo, called the Power of Time.  I think this is really eye opening for teachers, and the school system, but Americans and parents, especially those with boys, should check out this video.  Basically the digital age is rewiring how kids learn and interact; thus making the future of our young people pretty disastrous.

I’m making the video sound a lot more heavy than it is hahaha…just watch the video, it’s pretty damn interesting….oh, and have family dinners people!!

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Inspirational Souls

22 Oct


It’s been a while since someone has inspired me, and although I try not to draw too much inspiration from entertainment celebrities, I have to say Pink had me with her glow and energy.

For a little while now, I’ve wondered what’s up with me. I can be sort of Debbie Downer, I’m always tired, more pessimistic than usual, and a lot of my drive to do my best has gone away.  I sort of coughed this up to slight depression due to the stress of going to school full-time, working full-time, starting a new company, and a waning social life. 

But a strange epiphany hit me as I watched Pink in her behind the scenes video for Shape Magazine.  Between watching her do some workout moves, just being a ball of positive energy, and of course the her general happy glow of life and love treating her well, I realized….duh I don’t work out anymore! This year I’ve worked out a handful of times, and the last time i was consistent, and went routinely was 2007!   I used to be a gym rat, I enjoyed pushing myself, accomplishing goals I didn’t think I could reach, and I made it a game to never quit if I was in a class or with a trainer.  I’ve always known that exercise gives you more energy, and in turn makes you happier, but I also think it keeps your drive, passion, and ambition up.  If you go hard in exercise, most time you go hard in life….this is not a proven statement, but I do see a connection.

So thank you Pink! I’ve always liked her since hopping around and being crazy in There You Goback in 2000, and although I’ve always thought she had a rockin’ personality (#TeamVirgo) I have to say she had me smiling because you can tell she is happy; she really inspired me to get my butt in gym and get tight and mentally right!  My desire isn’t to loose weight, but kudos to pink on loosing 55 lbs of baby weight, and also pick up her new album The Truth About Love.

Check the behind the scenes video below, maybe she’ll inspire you like she did me, I know my gym rats definitely will be…looking forward to feel the burn! OW!


1 Oct


I’ve decided to add a new category to What Gets You Movin, and that would be ‘Hotness’!  Since I was about 14, I’ve had these mini crushes on people, a new person almost every other week.  Nothing serious, just someone or sometimes a subject/entity that heightens my radar for the moment.  I’m always sharing these peeps and things to my friends, so why not share them with you also!

For the 1st Hotness feature, I’m highlighting southern rapper, Yelawolf.  I’ve liked Yelawolf for some time now, I was introduced to his name in early 2010, when a friend of mine kept telling me to check out his music.  During that summer, his name continued to pop up, but it wasn’t until Fool’s Gold’s 1st Day Off, last Labor Day weekend, that I got a chance to see Catfish Billy in action; his performance was captivating to say the least.  He pretty much left everyone with their mouth open in awe of his raw talent and energy.  I happened to be beside Dave 1, of Chromeo while Yelawolf performed, and he just kept repeating how crazy this dude’s performance was. Anyone who was unfamiliar with the rapper beforehand, was running to check out his mixtape, Truck Muzik the next day, me included…and so began my intrigue with Yelawolf.

Before we get much further, we’re hitting the home stretch of 2011, I must admit that although I’ve kept an ear out for Yelawolf’s upcoming album (which finally drops Oct 25), he’s been kind of off my radar for most of the year.  Well, minus the time earlier this year, when i was looking at some pictures of him, and I realized how cute he was.  It wasn’t until he came into my job at Vlad TV last week for an interview, that he came back full force on my radar.  Unfortunately I wasn’t in the office the day of the interview, but I was assigned to edit it, and might i say, what a nice assignment!  I can’t reveal all the info that is covered in the interview, because you’ll have to go to Vlad TV over the next couple weeks to see. But for 2 full days of editing, where Yelawolf’s face filled my computer screen, not only did i get to look at quite an attractive specimen (his eyes and eyelashes are to die for!), but i got to find out that the dude is humble, level-headed, chill, and although he talks with audible ellipsis (i do the same thing) he’s quite the articulate rapper.

Check out how he goes in on V-Nasty and white people in general, for using the N-Word; as a fellow southerner I appreciate his words and perspective. If you aren’t familiar with V-Nasty, as Yelawolf clearly wasn’t (his reaction was HILARIOUS! ‘who??’ hahaha) then here’s a sneak peek of her dumb ass.  But before that, feel free to check out Yelawolf’s hotness, oooooh weee!

Yelawof Talks About White People Using the N-Word:


WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: thought process

27 May

It’s been a little while since my last post, but school is over, so you’ll start seeing post more often. yay!

For what ever reason race and ‘blackness’ for lack of a better word, have come up quite often over the last few weeks. You may remember my post of remembering the 1st time I was black. And if you follow me on twitter you may remember me being disturbed by one of my photography friends saying they ‘like black girls with white features.’

Anyway my friends at the blog Witches’ Brew posted this video on their Facebook page. It’s the preview of the documentary Dark Girls that will be released later this year. It touches on the deep-seated issues of complexion within and outside the black community; I look forward to watching the whole thing.

I’ve never had any direct issues with my skin tone, but I do know growing up around predominantly white people, I used to want to be lighter and most definitely have different hair. I think because of college, moving to a diverse place like NYC, and most importantly a family that did not perpetuate these culturally damaging ideas, I have no issue with my shade (I think it’s quite perfect, thank you!). …sadly I still wish i had ‘good hair.’

What are your thoughts?


3 May

So on Easter someone broke into my car, while i was in it and stole the Canon 7D camera that i rented from school. it sounds far more dangerous than it really was; there was no violence involved.

Unfortunately i have to replace the camera to the photo equipment, which will cost 2.5k. FML!

‘i don’t have the money’ is more than an understatement. The cops are sitting on their butts not doing anything, every time i call they tell me how there was a robbery, stabbing, or some other issue more perplexing than a stolen camera. Fortunately a few people from FiT mentioned a site called that helps with fundraising campaigns, so here i am asking for your help.

After you watch the video, visit Help Continue My Dream to learn ways to help, whether by being a contributor or campaigner. anything helps, the more people who know the better.

Thanks in advance!

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN? thought process

8 Apr

When did you realize you weren’t white?

Last week I got thrown into a conversation with someone about having to have ‘the talk,’ the you’re not white talk, with their 5 year-old nephew.  I’ve never had ‘that talk,’ and from what I understand many kids of color don’t have that conversation, but it led to me contemplate when do children of color realize they aren’t white?

I’ve gone back into my memory bank and cannot remember as a child, a point where I mentally acknowledged that I was black.  Growing up, my mother, before I was even 10, always emphasized being a woman and never to depend on a man, and rarely brought up race.  It wasn’t until I was in high school, while discussing the need for a good education that she said, ‘you have 2 strikes against you, you are a woman and you’re black,’

I think the awareness of being different is strongly based on environment, I grew up in a small, middle-class town in Florida, that’s primarily white.  I asked my roommate who was raised here in NYC in Washington Heights, when as a child, she realized that she wasn’t white. But growing up around faces similar to hers and in a place that is diverse, it wasn’t something she can really remember. Also I asked my hair stylist who grew up in Trinidad, and she seemed to think the question was crazy.  It was something she never thought about, or even thought people had to think about, since she didn’t grow up being the minority.

When you’re very young everyone seems the same; you’re essentially colorblind. I don’t remember the moment where I realized I was different, but I do recall being in maybe 3rd grade, being in my prominently white school, with my all white friends, and my friends telling me and my cousin how we weren’t really black because we were nice and didn’t act like the other black kids. Mind you there were, what…like 5 other black kids? In theory that conversation probably started with us acknowledging being black, and my friends then rejecting that notion; so I had to know and acknowledge I was black.

I do know that I didn’t know what color I was when I was 5 or 6, or at least the meaning of nigger.  When I was in 1st grade this kid Matt called me a nigger, I didn’t know what that meant, but I do know I didn’t like it.  I mentioned it to the lady that watched my cousin and I sometimes, and she told me that a ‘nigger is a low-down, ignorant, stupid person and don’t let anyone call you that.’  She never mentioned anything about race.  Not too long after that, Matt called me a nigger again, and I told him, ‘I’m not a nigger, you’re a nigger, because you’re low-down, ignorant, and stupid!”  The fright in his eyes, was pretty hilarious, so much so, he went to the teacher, Mrs. (Bitchass) Norris, and told her that I called him a nigger.  I politely told her how ‘he called me one 1st, and that I’m not one, and that he’s ignorant and stupid for calling one.’  Do know I got in trouble, and had to spend recess by a tree, while Matt got to play???  I never knew any of that was about race, but I quickly became aware of what unfairness was.

Anyway, I’ve slightly gotten off topic, but I’m interested in hearing other people’s stories of being a child and realizing they weren’t white.  Or at least a time as a child, when you realized you were different, that people are different colors, etc.  I’m going to keep jogging my memory, to find the specific day I had the realization.

Let me know your story…

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: inspirational souls

9 Jan

Keith Olbermann

Amazingly strong words by Keith Olbermann about the political violence in Arizona and its tone on our politics and country! Please watch, although the people who really need to watch this, won’t….