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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: A Conversation Between Angelou & Chappelle

25 Jun

It’s been awhiiiiiile!  Let’s try this again, shall we?

A couple of weeks ago the world lost a prolific, inspirational, and dynamic female writer, Maya Angelou.  Also over the last couple of weeks, a great comedic writer has been back on the news due to an unprecedented 2 week sold-out run at Rockefeller Center, Dave Chappelle.  Here is a snippet of a conversation between what would seem to be 2 polar opposites, yet it’s such a beautiful, eye-opening conversation.  Check it out!

RIP phenomenal Maya Angelou.  Glad to see you back Dave Chappelle.


20 Dec

All this week I’ve had ‘work, it, work it’ stuck in my head while doing an intergalactic sexy gig.  This is all due to the lyrical stylings of  Israeli female rapper Adi Ulmansky and the killer visuals by my homie, Cult of Dang.  The video,” Work It,” premiered on VICE’s Noisey music channel earlier this week and is gaining a lot buzz.

Check out the video and I guarantee the song will be stuck in your head.  Also make sure to check out more incredible illustrations by Cult of Dang.


24 Nov

It’s life’s reality which normally inspires me… I need to get my film making skills up!

Check out this pretty incredible short film, Noah that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, all set on the computer.  There are so many familiar noises and actions; you will find something relatable, that Chatroulette is still completely weird though.


22 Nov


Have you checked out the dopeness that is Pharrell’s 24-hour music video Happy?As an image maker this video is over-the-top inspiring.  The 4 minute song plays continuously, as we watch Pharrell, as well as kids, women, men, and dancers, jam along to the song, to what are staged regular moments.  Shot in a continuous, one camera format, the video is smart, innovate, fun…and makes me Continue reading

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: GoldieBlox Commercial

21 Nov

Love this video for GoldieBox!  The original had a twist to the Beastie Boys’ “Girls,” as the theme music, but this is still great.  Let’s hope this is inspires young girls more than that reality TV/being entertainers rubbish.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: The Innovation of Loneliness

19 Nov

#Truth …in the words of Tevin Campbell, ‘Can We Talk For a Minute?’



WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Photography of Brazilian Slaves

13 Nov

I hope this exhibit makes it to NYC! Continue reading