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the art of music-telling…

3 Feb

What would be something good to listen to during my week of insanity? Apparently whatever the answer is, it has to be old-school.  Maybe nostalgia keeps me level-headed, i don’t know… At first I thought Madonna’s Immaculate Collection was going to be the vibe for the week, because I was still motivated by danceable music, like last week’s pick.  But no, after Skew it on the Bar-B came on, on three separate occasions, and laughing at how crazy Raekwon is (what the hell is he talking about on that track?), Outkast’s Aquemini was calling me.

With upbeat songs like the previously mentioned, Skew it on the Bar-B and Rosa Parks and heady tracks, like my absolute favorites The Art of Storytelling and West Savannah, the album takes me on a remarkable evocative ride. The lyrics put me in a good mood, the synthesizers heard throughout the album makes me upbeat & motivated, yet there’s a compelling mellowness that keeps me relaxed and focused.  Aquemini is one of favorite albums of all times, so I can go on and on.  Do you agree?

Take a listen, and see if you do or just reminisce on a great Hip-Hop album.

I want to go from nostalgic to current;  since I went down South this week, I’ll keep it going with New Orleans native, Jay Electronica.  His single Exhibit C, was leaked awhile ago but I just got my ears onto it.  I think it’s a great blend of N.O. meets NYC, plus my new 2nd favorite DJ, Just Blaze (remember I mentioned that in my Style Diary, Week 5) produced it.  Take a listen below.

Jay Electronica – Exhibit C