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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN: The Dig’s ‘Midnight Flowers’

22 Jun

After my good friends, The Dig (thedigmusic.com), showed me the cover of their then, upcoming new album, Midnight Flowers, I had an idea of them at night, in the forest, with a car light. That idea and 2 cold spring nights turned into the above promotional picture for my talented friends.  Continue reading

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’?: Steam Cafe Art Show

7 Feb

I’m going to be in an art show tomorrow, with work…ok, one piece, for sale!
If you are in the NYC area, venture across the river to Jersey City (its literally no more than 15 minutes on the PATH train) for Steam Cafe’s, Opening Art Show Reception for their celebration of Black History Month.

Steam Cafe is a new Artists Cafe/Coffee Shop in Jersey City; this is their 3rd art show.

Come out and support!

Oh and that’s not my piece above, mine is a little more risque, and not on the internet…if you come you will see why!

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012
Steam Cafe
6pm – 9pm
wine and treats

276 Newark Ave
New Jersey, NJ

invite details:

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: inspirational souls

25 Dec

Somewhere between my quick business trip to Barbados with Dj Dummy and returning to the cold of NYC, I got a bit of my mojo back!

As my return to NYC tweet last night stated, I’m back on my grind:

…oddly enough in the process of looking for some info and reading the January 2012 issue of Self magazine, I ran into this video featuring A-trak, Curtis Kulig, Carlos Quirarte.  The video is a piece on people grinding in NYC that went with HBO’s now cancelled show, How to Make it in America (I’m sad about the cancellation, but they needed better writers, and needed to stop showing the obvious and develop the not understood). 

As i digress, this is a great piece to get motivated if you lost a little bit of your mojo.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: photography

14 Nov

I haven’t exactly been happy with my work over the last few months, but being in school means I’m forced to show things whether I’m ready or not.  So alas, I must show some work.

Come check out the 3rd Year BFA Photography Exhibit, tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 5pm, and see what my fellow juniors and I have been working on. (For those out of the loop for the last 2 1/2 years, I’m a junior at FIT, working on my 2nd Bachelor’s degree. )

Check the link for more info!


WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: photography

22 Jun

Next week Tuesday, June 28th, some of my work will be shown at Aperture Gallery here in NYC.  I participated in a photo camp in May in conjunction with Aperture Gallery and Sony and this is the result of us looking into ‘Culture Now.’  Should be a good night of art and wine!

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN: photography

8 Apr

Loreal Prystaj

Vote for my friend, Loreal Prystaj, she’s in a self-portrait photography contest.  She’s a fine art nude photographer, who I go to school with, and her work is beautiful with a modern perspective.

Check out her work, and do her that solid by voting for it (VOTE HERE).  You can vote everyday until mid-April i think.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: inspirational souls

12 Mar


JR is a photo street artist who is changing the world, well at least it’s perspective, through art.  Watch this video and be inspired.

Visit www.insideoutproject.net to learn more and get involved.