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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Fall Style Diary (week 6)

26 Nov

After a week working from home and a week off from school because of Sandy, I was ready to put some clothes on and start the week, well that’s what I thought.  I’m not sure in what ways the storm affected you, but for me it created a reflective, even somewhat somber tone on things that made me put some things into perspective.

It made not want to post anything to the blog because it just seemed trivial and silly, and I really didn’t care about dressing and style.  For this week I was predominately focused on my photography and video work, and finalizing the details of going to Art Basel in Miami.

Monday I got into take care of business mode, with my new Continue reading

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Fall Style Diary

24 Oct

By the end of last week, I decided I need to add more color in my wardrobe.  I can’t say a completely succeeded in that, but hey it was an attempt.  Right now black is just on my mind, although I am in search of a nice brown leather jacket…but that’s not exactly color in my wardrobe is it? lol

This was another week of playing catch up and no sleep, I figure if I go 2 more weeks hard, I should catch up on work things…so bare with me as I look exhausted in these and upcoming pics.  Really this week was about details,  just to add a little something to an outfit, and anything that is quick an easy.

Monday I was ready to conquer the world, so Continue reading


30 Oct

Back in 2010 when this blog was According to Jay, I introduced Style Diary to start the new year, a glimpse, a diary if you will, that looked at what i wore for the week.  It was supposed to be sort of this photo documentary, that i was toying with, but sadly my schedule did not permit me to keep up with it.  To read about the background of my idea, check out Style Diary: Week 1. (or click on the What Gets You Movin, Style Diary, categories tab, to see the whole series)

If you read Style Diary: Week 1, you know I’m no fashonista; I don’t even like to shop.  I just like clothing, and what the ability of dressing does to you mood, mindset, and body.  I think rocking a key piece always makes you looked dressed, whether casually or formally dressed. And there is a science to wearing clothes, to make your body look the way you want it to…proportions are everything! 

Over the 1 1/2 years that I stopped posting to the Style Diary, I’ve had quite a few people ask me about it; I didn’t even realize people were checking it out! So here we are again, nearing 2012, and I’m jumping back into the shoes of Style Diary.

I’m simplifying this time around so that i can fit it into my schedule, so no background scenery changes, but hang out with me as I work it out the kinks.

10.10 – 10.16
What a week to start shooting the Style Diary!  I’ve been in a bit of a sad stupor, overwhelmed with all that I have going on, and sleeping maybe 4 days out the week.  This means outfits that are quick, comfortable and apparently black?  I wasn’t aware until i looked at pics how much black I was wearing, so I’ll have to say Tuesday was my favorite outfit.  I don’t wear prints that often, but I was drawn to this Native American-esque print as soon as I saw it; throw that on with a skinny jean and heel, and my mood goes up 200%!













style diary, week 6

10 Feb

The Week of Insanity, that I mentioned in Week 5, kicked my butt, I’m still recuperating, but I tried my best to look fly, while managing to keep my head from exploding. This week I decided to change things up on how i shot the pictures.   I knew we were going to start working with triptychs at the beginning of the semester, so I decided to experiment a little early.  I’m on the fence on if I like it for the Style Diary. You can see each piece better, but there is just something about seeing an outfit  in its entirety.

I have to admit, it was a bit of a struggle this week to put on clothes, and deal with 15-hour+ days again; juggling so many aspects of my life.  More than anything comfort took precedence.  I was also extremely excited that I FINALLY replaced my stolen fedora!!!  (Sadly last spring someone stole my hat off my head while I was passed out on the train)  I wore it for almost 2 years, and it was my favorite hat, so I was heartbroken.  Now my heart is mended and you’ll be seeing my fedora a lot more.  I have a thing for fedoras, maybe it was my obsession with Indiana Jones and his big brim fedora as a kid.  (although I only wear short brim fedoras)

I’m kind of indifferent about my outfits this week; i think I’m in a funk.  If I have to choose though, Tuesday is my favorite…when in doubt putting on an Armani blazer always makes you feel better I suppose.  My favorite collection of pictures are Friday.  I think it’s more interesting than the rest, and the boots look vibrant against the black and white background.

Thank god for snow days, so I can play catch up. Next week’s goal, Style Diary on time!

Style Diary: Week 5

2 Feb

Oh what a week, my last week of sanity!  Although my wardrobe for Week 5, doesn’t necessarily reflect someone who is about to lose their marbles, I do know that there will no longer be pictures such as Tuesday of Week 4 or this week’s Monday. Note, on Monday I stayed under my sheets all day writing, reading, and relaxing.

The 1st part of the week was chill, then I needed to tie up some loose ends, and then get some serious partying in.  You may remember that my previous post, In the Know, was for a party at the Brooklyn lounge, Deity, which DJ Dummy was spinning.  That was Saturday’s outfit.  Amazing party, we shut the place down!  My favorite outfit and picture though, is Friday.  It was perfectly suited for an incredible night of dancing at Santos; Just Blaze officially moved to my second favorite DJ after that night.

Other than that, there was nothing too spectacular in styling on my part this week.  Actually what I did find that was spectacular, was how pretty my eyes are with a little light shined into them.  Let me find out all this time that I wished I had light eyes; I only had to walk around with a spotlight attached to my head!

Until next week…we’ll see how my week of insanity works out. Wish me luck!

***Don’t forget the colors are more vibrant in the images when you click the link.

style diary: week 3

18 Jan

I started week 3 in Florida and ended it back in good ‘ol NYC.  I’ll start by saying please forgive Sunday’s outfit, it was my 1st day back, and the weather was crap, so I only left the house to do laundry, and I’ll leave it at. (hahaha that kind of rhymed)  Anyway, I just had to put that disclaimer out there…i love that shirt, i think its hilarious, but wearing it out seems like I’m trying to advertise.

Although it wasn’t particularly hot in Florida, I decided to make use of the sunshine and hang out with my mom’s new cows.  I was happy with quite a number of the shots; you can’t go wrong with natural light.  My favorite image is Friday, it was a breezy afternoon, and I love how the scarf and dress swayed in the wind; my favorite outfit though is Tuesday.  Probably anytime I wear that dress it will win my outfit vote, it’s my go-to casual dress!  It was a great find from my good friends at Loveday 31, an awesome vintage shop in Astoria.  Monday almost won, because I think it’s the closest mesh of my style (although i don’t feel i have or should have to have a particular one), but as I said, I love that dress. What are some of your thoughts?

*** oh and actually click on the pictures or links, I find that the colors are a bit more accurate and less compressed than what’s embedded in the blog.

Until next week…








style diary: week 2

11 Jan

In week two of my Style Diary I had to challenge myself to not go against my initial idea, which I always have a habit of doing. Most times I usually should follow my gut, and there are other times, like I think now, that I should have listened to the other voice in my head.

I had this idea of playing with seated positions for this week.  I wanted to change up the scenery, but I quickly learned that I prefer consistency in my backgrounds, it looks cleaner, and from a photographic standpoint, by the end of the week handling the lighting becomes really easy because you become familiar with the setting.  Regardless, I’m suppose to document what I’m wearing, and not how or where I took the picture.

This week I went back home to my small hometown in Florida to visit my family. There is not too much to do when I’m home, and even less when its 30 degrees in the Sunshine state (it was too cold to leave the house Saturday & Sunday).  When I’m home it’s a great time to relax with family & friends, listen to the singing of cicadas, eat good food, and not fuss about clothing.

I have another week here, and I’m pretty sure by the end of it I’ll be screaming for the streets of NYC. But for now I’m just going to chill, it makes no sense to get all decked out to walk up and down the mall or Wal-Mart.

This week, it was a toss-up between Monday and Friday, but my favorite outfit was Friday. The colors made me feel happy and vibrant, plus it was a great day of seeing old friends…just one of those days when you feel great about yourself. Hope you have one of those days; enjoy the week!