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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: in the know

14 Jun

For my Chi-city friends.  Party it up at The Shrine with my homie DJ Dummy after he rocks the United Center with J.Cole on Rihanna‘s LOUD Tour.  It’s going to be a good one.  Wish I could go!

The Shrine
(2109 South Wabash Avenue)
10-2 (Dummy hits the tables @ 11:30)
Complimentary admission with RSVP
GREAT Music!

taking in some ultraviolet.

3 Dec

omg, what a week, so far! i’ve only slept 2 hours in the last 60+ hours!!!

…fortunately i’m not Stressed Out. Mostly because i’ve been listening to Kid Sister’s Ultraviolet album. All last week I was listening to Brazilian music, then from Thanksgiving onward, Kid Sister has taken over my life.
Ultraviolet is my new workout album for December…but its quickly turning into my keep me awake and upbeat album. (just a few minutes separates me with my pillow, i can’t wait!)

As I digress…I know i’m a few days late but Kid Sister’s Ultraviolet is the album of the week.  Don’t get me wrong, it not some prolific album or something. At 1st listen my music snobbery was peaked and i began to judge, plus i didn’t know anything about Kid Sister. But i found the Dance…Hip-Hop/Bass…Bending/Dance…what ever genre they’d like to call it… album infectious; its simple, but i keep putting it back on.  It’s the Southern girl in me; I’m just happy that someone is updating the southern 90s energy into something that isn’t nauseating …or maybe that’s how Chi-town rolls and i didn’t know all this time.  Regardless, good shit!

Let Me Bang 2009 is my fav…that’s my vibe…and Kid Sister seems relatable, refreshing!  Pro Nails (featuring Kanye) was released a looong time ago, but i sure nuff did my nails after listening to it, hahaha.  Day Dreaming is a nice way to transition that kind of MGNT vibe; Cee-lo was a nice addition.  And I like You Aint Really Down, it seems like an ode to 90s R&B (sounded like Michel’le jumped on for a few notes, lol), I wonder if more singing will be incorporated in the next album? hmmm… that could be fun. There are a  few weak, album-filler songs, but over all, you can’t help to just feel lighter when you listen to Ultraviolet…that’s what Dance is supposed to do, right?

– J