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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Noble Greek Beenie

29 Nov

nobe wearenoble clothing what gets you movin

Need a gift idea?

My friends at Noble clothing have restocked their sold out Noble Greek Beenie.  It’s cold outside so pick one up!



10 Dec

Style Diary is back! I missed posting the past weeks, so here you go!  I’ve been in work mode, and I haven’t been going out, So right now my outings consist of going to work, shooting for work, going to school, shooting homework. Fun times.

This week, my favorite outfit was Tuesday. I had to find something that I could wear to work, but would transition for the opening of Glimpse, the BFA show that I was in (mentioned here), and drinks afterwards.

I paired my Emporio Armani vintage boyfriend blazer, with a Banana Republic long sleeve cotton tee, a cute Wow Couture skirt, that looks like it’s made of cassette tape ribbon, and my stacked booties. Love it!







20 Feb

Elene Cassis

The vibe at Elene Cassis’ first show under the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, was a good one. With energetic music by Santigold and more, it was the perfect vibe to start off a great evening of the last night of Fashion Week.

Now about the clothes. I really liked many of the pieces and loved the detailing. The line was inspired by the New York skyline. The wine color gown, a black textured mini, with a scalloped hem was my favorite, and a leather skirt with a zipper slit.

I didn’t have the best seat in the house, but I did my best to get pictures. The line was filled with textured (maybe wool or cotton) blends, leather, suede, and silk; all great elements for the Fall season. She used a lot large blocking detail, which was particularly successful with the leather and suede. Fur was also incorporated in the collection is a sort of Russia meets New York kind of way. The line seems to be geared to the sophisticated 30 something New York woman, but I look forward to seeing more.

I lost my paperwork that would have told me who the make-up artist was but I loved the clean, flawless, dewy look of the models.

What are your thoughts?

Style Diary: Week 4

25 Jan

This week I’ve dubbed, the Week of Sloth. Except for Thursday and Saturday, I didn’t go anywhere further than walking distance.  Clothes took a bit of a back seat, I wore a robe from Monday night until Wednesday afternoon!  And I was too lazy to change my jeans over the weekend. I honestly don’t think it’s strange or gross, most people when they can (i think…) do the same thing, it’s just not documented, so it’ll be our little secret.  Funny, for Week #3 I was on vacation, yet i stayed active as if work was the priority, and now I’m back in NYC and I’ve taken a mind fart.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because starting February 1st, my life will be turned upside down again, juggling managing DJ Dummy, going to school full-time, and trying to get a couple projects off the ground.  So cheers to sloth!

I’m partly joking about the sloth thing, I was actually quite productive this week (i just barely left the house), but the goal was comfort with very little effort and thought.  My favorite outfit of the week was Friday, I think it’s comfortable, and perfectly displayed how I felt that day.  My favorite picture was Tuesday, I liked the shadows from the blinds and I think I might convert that robe into a dress or something…I’m feeling the fabric! Overall I’ll admit, the week was kind of bland…but i don’t think being stylish means pushing the envelope everyday.  Oh and to clarify, I only got dressed to workout on Monday…not covering your buttocks while wearing leggings is a no go under any other circumstance.

Enjoy the week, stay inspired!