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Style Diary: Week 5

2 Feb

Oh what a week, my last week of sanity!  Although my wardrobe for Week 5, doesn’t necessarily reflect someone who is about to lose their marbles, I do know that there will no longer be pictures such as Tuesday of Week 4 or this week’s Monday. Note, on Monday I stayed under my sheets all day writing, reading, and relaxing.

The 1st part of the week was chill, then I needed to tie up some loose ends, and then get some serious partying in.  You may remember that my previous post, In the Know, was for a party at the Brooklyn lounge, Deity, which DJ Dummy was spinning.  That was Saturday’s outfit.  Amazing party, we shut the place down!  My favorite outfit and picture though, is Friday.  It was perfectly suited for an incredible night of dancing at Santos; Just Blaze officially moved to my second favorite DJ after that night.

Other than that, there was nothing too spectacular in styling on my part this week.  Actually what I did find that was spectacular, was how pretty my eyes are with a little light shined into them.  Let me find out all this time that I wished I had light eyes; I only had to walk around with a spotlight attached to my head!

Until next week…we’ll see how my week of insanity works out. Wish me luck!

***Don’t forget the colors are more vibrant in the images when you click the link.