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if a woodchuck could chuck wood…

26 Nov

I went to the opening of Coup d’etat Brooklyn’s Live to Change Something Through Art exhibit this past weekend.  There’s nothing like being on the streets of Bed Stuy, which sometimes feels creatively arid, and finding an awe-inspiring gem.

The mission of Coup d’etat Brooklyn, which is Live to Change Something, resonates in the form of paintings, photography, and sculpture. The exhibit explores cultural conditions and iconic influences who have contributed to the New York City’s Art scene.

Above is my favorite piece, Everything of Nothing & Nothing of Everything When I Talk to You; the picture gives the tangible version no justice.  This is a slab of wood, where the picture is etched in, not painted on.  The way that the artist, Taganyahu Swaby, is able to create depth is amazing, it’s the minutia that brings everything together and makes the piece so sick!  Go check it out in person.

The show features artists that live or have been impacted by Brooklyn.  All this is happening in BK at Skylight Gallery in Restoration Plaza until February 20, 2010, so head over there…and pieces are for sale.

– J