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13 Feb

For those in Dallas for NBA All-Star weekend, I’m going to let you in on the places to be, to actually have fun!  If you’ve every gone to the annual event, many of these parties are headlined with athletes and then predominantly stuffed with people who will pay a pretty penny to be around them.  But they’re in some special VIP, that very few can get to, so it ends being an event with a lot of random people looking around and not really partying or the events are filled with girls trying to get to the athletes, and guys pretending or proving that they have clout, to compensate for not being an athlete.  Not really my definition of fun, but hey I guess it’s something to experience at least once; I need cool people and an amazing DJ to have fun.

The great thing about this year’s All-Star Weekend, is that it’s right around the corner of Texas native, Erykah Badu’s, album release, and she’s have a big bash with Jamie Foxx to celebrate.  Also Common’s performing on Sunday at Ghostbar.  I’m always an advocate of good music being part of the formula of any weekend outing.

If you want a party with music lovers, artists/industry folk, people who actually like to have a good ‘ol time…and yes athletes, then head to some of the spots DJ Dummy is spinning.  On Saturday in the day, right before the Slam Dunk Contest, he’ll be rockin’ Kenichi (that’s the flier above).

Sunday it’s all about 944 Magazine, who has one of the most talked about parties of the weekend (check out their list of events).

Dummy will be spinning 944’s game viewing party at Boardroom, and then will be shutting things down with the Common show and after party at Ghostbar.

Oh and Dj Dummy’s has just been added to the sexy Venus vs. Mars party, along with DJ Eque Saturday night at Victory Tavern.  You can check the video invite HERE.

It’s going to be a fun weekend Dallas! Enjoy!

twelve years later and it still goes on & on

19 Jan

Over the past few weeks I’ve had fairly recently released albums for my weekly selection.  This week I’ve decided to go back to my favorite time of music, ’93-’97, with Erykah Badu’s debut album Baduizm.  It seemed like the choice was calling me, she’s been floating around in my head recently because I’m finalizing DJ Dummy to spin her concert after-party in Dallas during NBA-All Star weekend.  Also I’ve been in a creative rut, since I’ve been back from Florida and needed something mellow, but would tickle my brain. What could do that? What would make go On and On to the Otherside of the Game, make me want to climb an Apple Tree while rockin’ an Afro, and make feel like I’ve traveled to my Next Lifetime, where there are 4 Leaf Clovers and no Drama? Certainly, Ms. Badu…well Sometimes. Her or I got some crazy PCP from the sounds of it. (click any of the Baduizm links to see why I said all that =0) )

Anyway…Baduizm will be my creative remedy for the rest of the week!

oh remember this one? i LOVE this song: