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22 Nov


Have you checked out the dopeness that is Pharrell’s 24-hour music video Happy?As an image maker this video is over-the-top inspiring.  The 4 minute song plays continuously, as we watch Pharrell, as well as kids, women, men, and dancers, jam along to the song, to what are staged regular moments.  Shot in a continuous, one camera format, the video is smart, innovate, fun…and makes me Continue reading


27 Oct

On Tuesday, Duck Sauce (A-trak and Armand Van Helden) debuted their new video Big Bad Wolf.  As some know, not only am i a big fan of A-trak as a DJ, he’s sort of my weird entertainer crush, so of course I was delighted to check out the video!

I’ve watch Big Bad Wolf  2 or 3 times, and i’m not sure how i feel about it.   It’s amazingly innovative, captivating, funny, perfect for Halloween; it’s disturbingly good.  It’s just something about A-trak representing gentalia, or just being that close to another man’s crotch that weirds me out.  Fortunately i know those or camera tricks, so i’m more entertained than disturbed.  I do wonder though, how it was on set, because I’m pretty sure the guys, and girls for that matter, had to bare it all, so that they could super-impose the genitalia heads.   The outtakes are probably the most disturbing footage, hahaha.




20 Oct

It’s been a good month! Like the Adele video I posted, here’s another video that goes with the words and vibe of the song. 

Rihanna’s new video We Found Love, is so good, that I can give the very weak dance song a pass.  I end up just wanting to rave, have a great, hazy-weekend, that ends with a few interesting stories, and maybe, just maybe, love.


1 Aug

July 2011 Playlist

Check out my 1st stint at creating a monthly playlist of some of my favorites and songs that have an effect on my day in some way.  This one is a few days longer than July, cause well, I started on June 27th.  The playlist is a little all over the place, but for anyone who knows me, or has heard my computer on shuffle knows, that’s me, random and all over the place.

There’s a range of tunes, so listen to July’s music as I develop August’s, and remember you can check out the current playlist at the top right.

The list is below, enjoy.

6.27.11: Bad Meets Evil – Above the Law
6.28.11: J.Cole – Back to the Topic
6.29.11: Drake – Marvin’s Room
6.30.11: Total – Kissing You (Remix)
7.01.11: Madonna – Live to Tell
7.02.11: Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer
7.03.11: Duke Ellington and John Coltrane – In a Sentimental Mood
7.04.11: Vampire Weekend – Diplomat’s Son
7.05.11: Lauren Hill – Final Hour
7.06.11: Lil Wayne – Best of Me (freestyle)
7.07.11: The Sounds – Rock and Roll
7.08.11: Teena Marie – Lovergirl
7.09.11: Chromeo – 100%
7.10.11: NORE – Banned From TV
7.11.11: Janelle Monae – Lettin Go
7.12.11: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Summertime
7.13.17: Sean Paul – Infiltrate
7.14.11: Brandy –  I want to be Down (remix)
7.15.11: Marc Anthony – Nadie Como Ella
7.16.11: Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit
7.17.11: Feist – Sea Lion Woman
7.18.11: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
7.19.11: Ruff Ryders – Down Bottom
7.20.11: The Throne – Otis
7.21.11: Juvenile – Ha (Remix)
7.22.11: DMX – Fuckin Wit D
7.23.11: Rihanna (ft Young Jeezy) – So Hard
7.24.11: J.Cole – Workout
7.25.11: Radiohead – High and Dry
7.26.11: Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running
7.27.11: Beyonce (ft. Andre 3000) – Party
7.28.11: Frank Ocean – Thinking About You
7.29.11: Portugal.The Man – Tommy
7.30.11: The Dig – Look Inside
7.31.11: Radiohead – Talk Show Host

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12 Jan

I’ve been waiting for new music from Kid Sister for awhile now, I’m always surprised that there’s not more buzz around her.  Yesterday she dropped a new mixtape called Kiss Kiss Kiss, mixed by Nick Catchdubs from Fool’s Gold Records, and there’s an even heavier dance element, which is fun.  If you’ve read my blog from the accordingtojay days, you’ll know I always throw some Kid Sister into my workout playlist.  Now I think I’m just going to play Kiss Kiss Kiss in its entirety for my workout because its high energy pretty much from beginning to end. With the new year everyone is motivated to hit the gym; if you need music like I do, this will keep your cardio up.

It’s a free download so you have no excuse!

Oh and for the Gucci Mane fans, he makes an appearance.

Download Here

taking in some ultraviolet.

3 Dec

omg, what a week, so far! i’ve only slept 2 hours in the last 60+ hours!!!

…fortunately i’m not Stressed Out. Mostly because i’ve been listening to Kid Sister’s Ultraviolet album. All last week I was listening to Brazilian music, then from Thanksgiving onward, Kid Sister has taken over my life.
Ultraviolet is my new workout album for December…but its quickly turning into my keep me awake and upbeat album. (just a few minutes separates me with my pillow, i can’t wait!)

As I digress…I know i’m a few days late but Kid Sister’s Ultraviolet is the album of the week.  Don’t get me wrong, it not some prolific album or something. At 1st listen my music snobbery was peaked and i began to judge, plus i didn’t know anything about Kid Sister. But i found the Dance…Hip-Hop/Bass…Bending/Dance…what ever genre they’d like to call it… album infectious; its simple, but i keep putting it back on.  It’s the Southern girl in me; I’m just happy that someone is updating the southern 90s energy into something that isn’t nauseating …or maybe that’s how Chi-town rolls and i didn’t know all this time.  Regardless, good shit!

Let Me Bang 2009 is my fav…that’s my vibe…and Kid Sister seems relatable, refreshing!  Pro Nails (featuring Kanye) was released a looong time ago, but i sure nuff did my nails after listening to it, hahaha.  Day Dreaming is a nice way to transition that kind of MGNT vibe; Cee-lo was a nice addition.  And I like You Aint Really Down, it seems like an ode to 90s R&B (sounded like Michel’le jumped on for a few notes, lol), I wonder if more singing will be incorporated in the next album? hmmm… that could be fun. There are a  few weak, album-filler songs, but over all, you can’t help to just feel lighter when you listen to Ultraviolet…that’s what Dance is supposed to do, right?

– J