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14 Sep

I got a chance to check out 20 year, design culture staple, Daryl K’s 2012 Spring collection.  She up kept her casual silhouettes, detailed pants, and I enjoyed the water color prints.  I didn’t love the the show, particularly with the awkward set up, but my positives out way my negatives for the most part, seeing that my negatives are more about the show than the clothing.

I enjoyed the fact, with her rock sensibility, that Daryl K used drummers as her background instead of some random instrumental.  I think it would have helped though if the drummers had practiced; it got distractingly bad.  Regardless, it’s about the clothes, its a spring/summer collection, and the collection did make me want to go on vacation.  I would say some of the color choice and hat choices were kind of odd for me, for the season. I like black, but at times it came off harsh, and not in a good edgy way..

I left not overly impressed by the collection, but i wasn’t upset

What do you think?