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style diary: week 3

18 Jan

I started week 3 in Florida and ended it back in good ‘ol NYC.  I’ll start by saying please forgive Sunday’s outfit, it was my 1st day back, and the weather was crap, so I only left the house to do laundry, and I’ll leave it at. (hahaha that kind of rhymed)  Anyway, I just had to put that disclaimer out there…i love that shirt, i think its hilarious, but wearing it out seems like I’m trying to advertise.

Although it wasn’t particularly hot in Florida, I decided to make use of the sunshine and hang out with my mom’s new cows.  I was happy with quite a number of the shots; you can’t go wrong with natural light.  My favorite image is Friday, it was a breezy afternoon, and I love how the scarf and dress swayed in the wind; my favorite outfit though is Tuesday.  Probably anytime I wear that dress it will win my outfit vote, it’s my go-to casual dress!  It was a great find from my good friends at Loveday 31, an awesome vintage shop in Astoria.  Monday almost won, because I think it’s the closest mesh of my style (although i don’t feel i have or should have to have a particular one), but as I said, I love that dress. What are some of your thoughts?

*** oh and actually click on the pictures or links, I find that the colors are a bit more accurate and less compressed than what’s embedded in the blog.

Until next week…