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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: On the Road With DJ Dummy

4 Feb

On The Road With DJ Dummy – Part 1 from DJ Dummy on Vimeo.

Check out behind the scenes footage of the homie, DJ Dummy, on the road for the past year.  Part one of his journey takes viewers through touring with J.Cole, as well as Dummy’s own European solo tour, and a spot in Sri Lanka.  The video is shot and edited by the lovely and talented Azza Suliman.


30 Jul

Check out the new track, Other Wordly by Kim Hill, produced by the homie DJ Dummy.  If Kim’s name seems familiar you may remember her as the orginal female from The Black Eyed Peas.
https://accordingtojay.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/other-worldly.mp3The smooth-airy vibe strays away from what we normally hear on the radio. Enjoy.
It’s available for download here.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: J.Cole on Fallon

2 Feb

Did you guys get a chance to check J.Cole on the Jimmy Fallon Show on January 31st?  If you missed it, you can check out the Grammy Nominee above, and if you look quickly, you’ll see the homie, DJ Dummy along with The Roots. 

I have to admit, I’ve seen Can’t Get Enough performed enough times at this point, so I mostly transfixed on clothing….Ummm yea, can we talk about Cole’s leather and denim jacket?? I need something like that in my life ASAP, i’d rock the hell out of it!

I’m not completely sold, but maybe this Rag & Bones jacket may work:

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: inspirational souls

25 Dec

Somewhere between my quick business trip to Barbados with Dj Dummy and returning to the cold of NYC, I got a bit of my mojo back!

As my return to NYC tweet last night stated, I’m back on my grind:

…oddly enough in the process of looking for some info and reading the January 2012 issue of Self magazine, I ran into this video featuring A-trak, Curtis Kulig, Carlos Quirarte.  The video is a piece on people grinding in NYC that went with HBO’s now cancelled show, How to Make it in America (I’m sad about the cancellation, but they needed better writers, and needed to stop showing the obvious and develop the not understood). 

As i digress, this is a great piece to get motivated if you lost a little bit of your mojo.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: in the know

19 Dec

Wow what a crazy year!  So glad I can end the year right, in Barbados with a party spun by my favorite DJ, DJ Dummy.  For my Barbados heads, get ready!


21 Nov

Check out DJ Dummy (J.Cole and Common’s DJ) talk about roughing it out on tour, J.Cole’s initial reaction to the success of Cole World: The Sideline Story, and why he thanks crappy DJs.


19 Nov

I’m just going to knock all these backed-up Style Diaries out on this nice Saturday!

The last full week of October was a pretty good but a busy week.  On Tuesday I got a chance to see my artist and homie, DJ Dummy, kill it at Best Buy theater along side the amazing J.Cole, here in NYC.  On Thursday I went downtown to shoot the beautiful and quirky Amel Larrieux perform at City Winery; great show!  Other than that it was midterms week, and I was working like a maniac, so I kind of forgot to shoot a few outfits.  But hey, Tuesday‘s (this week’s fav outfit) blouse from my favorite vintage store Loveday 31, in Astoria,makes up for that.

Wearing such an adorned top, which i might add is so loose and comfortable, can dress anything up with very little effort.

Also the key for me this week, and most weeks, is wear a good lipstick color, when you’re half dead like I was Wednesday and Thursday, (i was actually dead on Friday) a little color goes a long away, it makes you appear more awake and put together than you actually are.

Happy Dressing!