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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’?: Bob Marley Documentary

20 Feb

There’s been a lot a talk for a while now, about the Bob Marley documentary, Marley,  Finally this spring on April 20th (fitting), the project by Academy Award-winning director, Kevin Macdonald, who did Last King of Scotland, comes out.  Macdonald is known for his documentary work, so I’m excited to see what sort story/angle he’ll portray of the reggae legend. From the trailer, the project seems pretty engaging, and the  beautiful shots of my homeland, Jamaica doesn’t hurt at all; it appears 4/20 is planned.

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: The World According to Monsanto

31 Jan

Through the beauty of facebook, I stumbled upon the documentary The World According to Monsanto, it is by far one of the most disturbing things I’ve watched in awhile.   In short it’s about the company Monsanto, and it’s successful quest (full of lies and manipulation) to contanimpate and control the world.  What we are ingesting is being compromised for the mighty dollar, and I doubt we’ll fully understand is effects on the earth and human life for a long time.  Monsanto’s power a sad state of affairs for human kind, but hey, it creating huge money stacks for its thounds of investors, that’s all that matters right?

I’m not sure if going organic, will even save us at this point, but i know, I will not being eating seedless grapes or anything else I knowingly know is a Gentically Manuplated Organism.

I truly encourage everyone to watch this.


WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: thought process

27 May

It’s been a little while since my last post, but school is over, so you’ll start seeing post more often. yay!

For what ever reason race and ‘blackness’ for lack of a better word, have come up quite often over the last few weeks. You may remember my post of remembering the 1st time I was black. And if you follow me on twitter you may remember me being disturbed by one of my photography friends saying they ‘like black girls with white features.’

Anyway my friends at the blog Witches’ Brew posted this video on their Facebook page. It’s the preview of the documentary Dark Girls that will be released later this year. It touches on the deep-seated issues of complexion within and outside the black community; I look forward to watching the whole thing.

I’ve never had any direct issues with my skin tone, but I do know growing up around predominantly white people, I used to want to be lighter and most definitely have different hair. I think because of college, moving to a diverse place like NYC, and most importantly a family that did not perpetuate these culturally damaging ideas, I have no issue with my shade (I think it’s quite perfect, thank you!). …sadly I still wish i had ‘good hair.’

What are your thoughts?

i gotta 35mm in ya face…

25 Dec

Last month you may remember that i had a post about a project that I was working on tentatively called In My Bed. I never decided on a title, so In My Bed will suffice.  The project, which was for my 35mm film class (yes people still use film), documented real moments that occur in the private sanctuary we call the bed.

Minus a few tweeks and parts where I went against my gut, I’m happy overall with the results, especially since I was all over the place on how I wanted to document it.  I ended up looking at each person as a character and the bed was their environment, and from there some how capture a dialogue within that moment that could be considered ‘documentary-style.’

The series included 15 images; here are 5 of my favorites.  The image that started this post didn’t make it, but I’m still pleased with it.