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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: photography

27 Jul

Check out pics from the new Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011 campaign, shot by Mario Sorrenti.  I’m loving the magenta hues.

Plus a man in a great tailored coat, makes a girl like me salivate…that tight leather one though, not so much.

Source: hypebeast.com


20 Feb

Elene Cassis

The vibe at Elene Cassis’ first show under the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, was a good one. With energetic music by Santigold and more, it was the perfect vibe to start off a great evening of the last night of Fashion Week.

Now about the clothes. I really liked many of the pieces and loved the detailing. The line was inspired by the New York skyline. The wine color gown, a black textured mini, with a scalloped hem was my favorite, and a leather skirt with a zipper slit.

I didn’t have the best seat in the house, but I did my best to get pictures. The line was filled with textured (maybe wool or cotton) blends, leather, suede, and silk; all great elements for the Fall season. She used a lot large blocking detail, which was particularly successful with the leather and suede. Fur was also incorporated in the collection is a sort of Russia meets New York kind of way. The line seems to be geared to the sophisticated 30 something New York woman, but I look forward to seeing more.

I lost my paperwork that would have told me who the make-up artist was but I loved the clean, flawless, dewy look of the models.

What are your thoughts?


16 Feb

Jen Kao

Tuesday afternoon I made my way to Lincoln Center to catch the Jen Kao show. It was my 1st visit to the tents this season. Normally I like many of Jen Kao’s collections. For the Fall 2011 collection, which is based on a story Kao wrote about
‘Wise women journey to a psychedelic sinkhole and abandon armfuls of shiny gifts given to them over time by past lovers, friends and compatriots. And they do this with complete disregard of emotion. A new guard of young,
flippant girls go on pilgrimage here to take a dip in all the fantastic history. When they resurface, they are dripping in reappropriated jewels a nd new-found guidance.’

I appreciate the story, i can see how the clothing should be adorned with color and golds, and how a transition of looks will explain the story, but for me visually too much went on to convey the story; as a result the collection wasn’t cohesive enough for me.. Regardless there were a few great pieces sprinkled in the collection, plus vibrant prints, leather details, beautiful crocheted detailing, and I loved the hair.

This Estuary Printed Silk Chiffon Wrap Kimono was stunning.


15 Feb

Lake & Stars

waahooo, i’m baaack!

Just in time for Fashion Week!  My first stop during Fashion Week was on Friday for The Lake & Stars presentation at Studio 59.  I wasn’t going to post these pics since they came out crappy on my point and shoot, but i decided f-it, it was a good presentation, and I had fun. The Lake and Stars is the only entirely lingerie show, being shown during Fashion Week and it seemed like everyone wanted to check out the action.  It didn’t hurt to have some pino before noon.

The Lake and Stars is supposed to be lingerie designed to stand alone or complement an outfit, the brand hopes to expand our idea of what are normally unmentionables.

For Fall 2011, The Lake & Stars seemed to put their own twist on 1940s and 1950s pin-up lingerie style, particularly with the full coverage bottoms.  The presentation was a nice mix of lightweight delicates, beading, netting, and velvet…although i could have gone without the velvet.  Another nice twist was they used a mixture of various sized models in the show; that was refreshing.

Maayan Zilberman & Nikki Dekker

The Lake & Stars designers, Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman teamed up with artist, Francesca Dimattio who painted the shoes for the Fall 2011 presentation. I got a chance to speak to her, she was such a sweat heart; we spoke a bout her collaboration and how cool the stage flooring was.

I also ran into Project Runway winner, Gretchen Jones, about what she’s up to.  She’ll be showing her collection next season, and her website http://www.gretchenjonesnyc.com launches next week.

On my way out of The Lake & Stars, which felt kind of like a mini party in the middle of the day, I ran into Robert Verdi and ended up in a runway walk off for the Robert Verdi Show…i want to see the footage of that already!

Later that day I stopped by the Honor by Giovanna Randal, which had a few nice pieces.  I was amazed how they were able to transform Highline Ballroom.

See more looks from the The Lakes & Stars show below:

Francesca Dimattio

Gretchen Jones

Robert Verdi