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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: style diary

18 Oct

In Week 2 for my Fall Style Diary, comfort was key!  I needed things that were quick and easy, plus I was just kind of lazy.  Many people confuse comfortable clothing with sloppy clothing, and that doesn’t have to be the case.  A dress is heck a lot easier for me to put on than a pair jeans, and I instantly look i put in some effort when i really didn’t!  Along with comfort, this week was about a statement piece, which was my new studded leather jacket.  I love it!  It dresses anything up.  The other key piece are my Jeffery Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots.  I’ve been eyeing strap boots for minute, and these did exactly what i wanted; they’re a great pair of moto boots to go with my moto jacket.
My favorites fits this week came in the latter portion of it, which were Thursday, Friday and Continue reading


10 Dec

Style Diary is back! I missed posting the past weeks, so here you go!  I’ve been in work mode, and I haven’t been going out, So right now my outings consist of going to work, shooting for work, going to school, shooting homework. Fun times.

This week, my favorite outfit was Tuesday. I had to find something that I could wear to work, but would transition for the opening of Glimpse, the BFA show that I was in (mentioned here), and drinks afterwards.

I paired my Emporio Armani vintage boyfriend blazer, with a Banana Republic long sleeve cotton tee, a cute Wow Couture skirt, that looks like it’s made of cassette tape ribbon, and my stacked booties. Love it!