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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Week 8, Fall Diary

11 Jan

Thanksgiving Day week! Boy was I looking forward to a much needed break from work and school, and my trip down to DC to visit my best friend for the holiday’s festivities. I remember this week pretty clearly, because i tried a fashion experiment with myself. Basically I always visualize outfits, usually they end up being items that I don’t actually own, so that’s usually how I decide what will be my next purchase for my closet. This week though, well really Monday and Tuesday I visualized what I would want to wear ideally based on my mood, and figured out what I had in my closet that would most closely emulate that. I liked the results a lot, but by Wednesday I had a midterm to study for and packing to do, so I couldn’t put that much thought into recreating my wardrobe. I’m going to practice this method more in the Winter and see what I come up with.

This is a short week in my Style Diary, by the time I Continue reading


4 Jan

I took a little break on posting my Fall Style Diary, but I never stopped shooting! Over the next couple weeks, as the chill starts to set in, I’ll show you how I warmed things up, some of the time, this Fall.  Also I’m looking forward to expanding Style Diary, and What Gets You Movin’, in general.  2013 is going to be a good one!


This particular week in November there was no mood, it was rather random actually, but at least the weather was decent, hence me showing my gams!  I remember this week though, it was close to midterms, as always I barely slept, and on Tuesday I found out I was showing in a group show that Friday.  The show was the 3rd annual Night of Arts in Chelsea.

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19 Nov

In 2010 when i did my Style Diary, i couldn’t keep up with the shooting, now I can’t keep up the posting! lol…so it goes.  So yea, I’m playing a little catch up with this  Style Diary of mine. 

Back in the 3rd week of October the weather was probably cooler than it has been in November and it seemed like a had a lot more running around than usual to do.

My favorite outfit of the week is between Tuesday and Friday, but I think Friday wins. Friday is my black H&M dresses paired with my, black vintage sweater, that has become my temporary jean jacket replacement until i buy another jean jacket.  Tuesday almost won because i pulled out my necklace that I bought in South Africa, that I rarely ever wear, but I felt sexier Friday, so leather mini dress wins!











style diary, week 8

26 Feb

Waawhoooo! Week 8, 2 months down! Like every week until May, I have a lot to jam into my days with very little sleep, so comfort seems to be the key to everything for me. Even when I’m going ‘out out,’ I’ve taken the getting dressed up thing down a few notches. Heels seem like such a pain in the butt right now…but i’m sure I’ll get over it when the weather warms my toes.

You’ll notice that my Harllem lace-up boots by Steve Madden, that debuted in Week 7, are in full effect this week. They are so comfortable and perfect with this icky weather. Whether I’m wearing them with legging, relaxed jeans, or a skirt, i tend to feel bad ass in them, sort of like a sexy girl rockin’ Tims in a weird way.

Since I’ve started Style Diary, I haven’t posted my clothing changes. We all have days we wear more than one outfit, so I decided to post mine on Friday. I’m not sure if I like how it looks aesthetically on the site, but when i make a decision you may be seeing more.

Anywho, my favorite picture this week was Sunday, maybe it was the white shirt that made my eyes look striking, but I just thought the picture was the strongest. My favorite outfit of the week was Friday night. You can’t go wrong with a leather skirt and I’ve been a little bit obsessed with denim jackets as of late. I thought it was a cute outfit for a run-in with my crush, even if i didn’t end up speaking to him. lol

Be pleased with how you look each time you walk out the house! Enjoy the rest of your week!

*****don’t forget to click on the pictures to see them better.








style diary, week 7

20 Feb

What comes after a Week of Insanity (that’s what I dubbed Week 6)? …Madness?  I don’t know what it is, but last week was one hell of a week, and on top of that I had some technical difficulties; my baby (my camera) died!  Thankfully, as I write this, I’m getting more centered; next week’s Style Diary, among other things will be up (fairly) on time.  I’m really looking forward to next week, but I’ll tell you more about that when things are finalized, it involves a lot more writing though.

For Week 7 and even this upcoming week, I’ve fallen into my normal rut of lack of self-discipline. I rarely stick to things; I’m amazed and proud of myself that I’m able to say I’m posting Week 7 and working on Week 8.  Two months!  But when you’re running late for classes, going to meetings, on the phone constantly for your client, practicing hosting, working on personal photo projects, or just wanting to relax…taking a picture of what you sometimes literally threw on is not always fun, and there are many days that I think this whole thing is narcissistic and I want to quit. It’s actually the positive responses to the Style Diary and the many hits to the site that keeps me going, so a big thank you, to you!

You’ll notice that there is a new pair of boots on my feet this week!  There not quite the Sendra Old English boots I mentioned here, but they’ll work.  I can’t wait to wear them with dresses.  Also they worked out perfect with this snowy, icy weather we’ve been having here in NYC.  I feel I’ve been in a masculine and overly comfy phase lately, and these boots only add to it.

My favorite outfit of the week is Friday.  I don’t get to wear my Alfred Sung blouse very often, so it was great to finally wear it with the vintage lace-up boots like i envisioned.  My purse strap that I wear as a belt was the perfect touch.  Friday was also my favorite picture of the week. Oh and Wednesday was a snow day, no classes, and I stayed inside all day, no cameras allowed! =)

See you next week, early, for Week 8!








style diary, week 6

10 Feb

The Week of Insanity, that I mentioned in Week 5, kicked my butt, I’m still recuperating, but I tried my best to look fly, while managing to keep my head from exploding. This week I decided to change things up on how i shot the pictures.   I knew we were going to start working with triptychs at the beginning of the semester, so I decided to experiment a little early.  I’m on the fence on if I like it for the Style Diary. You can see each piece better, but there is just something about seeing an outfit  in its entirety.

I have to admit, it was a bit of a struggle this week to put on clothes, and deal with 15-hour+ days again; juggling so many aspects of my life.  More than anything comfort took precedence.  I was also extremely excited that I FINALLY replaced my stolen fedora!!!  (Sadly last spring someone stole my hat off my head while I was passed out on the train)  I wore it for almost 2 years, and it was my favorite hat, so I was heartbroken.  Now my heart is mended and you’ll be seeing my fedora a lot more.  I have a thing for fedoras, maybe it was my obsession with Indiana Jones and his big brim fedora as a kid.  (although I only wear short brim fedoras)

I’m kind of indifferent about my outfits this week; i think I’m in a funk.  If I have to choose though, Tuesday is my favorite…when in doubt putting on an Armani blazer always makes you feel better I suppose.  My favorite collection of pictures are Friday.  I think it’s more interesting than the rest, and the boots look vibrant against the black and white background.

Thank god for snow days, so I can play catch up. Next week’s goal, Style Diary on time!