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5 Feb

If there’s a NYC social event that I’ve been meaning to go to over the years, it’s the Guggenheim’s First Fridays series. Today marks the end of this 5 year Art After Dark event, so I’m going!  Partying the night away, enjoying art and drinks in the beautifully sinuous environment, while having my brain tickled by creative minds, sounds like a psychedelic time.  Even more enticing for the grand finale, is that Chromeo is DJing the event!!! You may remember I was raving about them in December and had their album Fancy Footwork as the Album of the Week.  It’s going to be a great time! Dancing in a museum seems so wrong, but it’s fun to be naughty sometimes.

A new series will start later this year.  For more information about First Fridays or the Guggenheim, click here.

If you’re going let me know or say hi!