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14 Jan

HELM boots

In doing a random hotel search the other day, I came across a young shoe line called HELM.  HELM which is based in Austin, is designed by Austin-based designer Joshua Bingaman, hand-made in Istanbul, the leather comes from Holland and Australia, and the soles are from Italy and France.  When you wear these boots, which take 5 days to make, it’s sort of like having the world at your feet. Although the brand likes to think of it as if ‘you’re walking around in art.’

The HELM line is unisex; the Jarmon boots are what made me take notice of the line, and I want them!!  I think though that the line is a little too masculine to really be unisex, so the Jarmon or Jarmon Leather are the only boots I’d wear.  BUT I’d sure enough probably date the kind of guy that would rock HELM boots! ..they’re stylish, have personality, yet are solid and well made, plus there’s nothing like a guy who’s into their shoes!

For my New York heads you can find HELM boots at Dunderdon, they’re pricey so be prepared, but come on, they’re hand-made!

Visit HELM: helmhandmade.com/

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just put it in the bag…

4 Mar

I love creative beings, so I had to highlight the limited-edition, hand-crafted luggage by London College of Fashion graduate student, Sara Williams (via Trendland).  The pieces are AMAZING!  …I know I wouldn’t be checking them on the plane though.

The beautiful work costs a pretty penny, and rightfully so. Not only are the pieces the most innovative designs I’ve ever seen, they are made by traditional bridle leather of the finest quality, the brass bands are created by metal crafters, and the saddle stitching is all done by hand.

The designs were made to challenge tradition.  Score!

To read more about the collection visit Trendland or visit www.williams-handmade.com.