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22 Nov


Have you checked out the dopeness that is Pharrell’s 24-hour music video Happy?As an image maker this video is over-the-top inspiring.  The 4 minute song plays continuously, as we watch Pharrell, as well as kids, women, men, and dancers, jam along to the song, to what are staged regular moments.  Shot in a continuous, one camera format, the video is smart, innovate, fun…and makes me Continue reading

i want it…

30 Mar

From what I understand the iVictrola is already sold out after an exclusive test run, but I want it!  Although I love modern decor, growing up with my mother, I have a deep love for antiques.  The iVictrola designed by Matt Richmond for Made-Craft, is perfect blend of both my antique and modern aesthetic tastes, plus it’s a conversation piece.

The iPod base is made of solid walnut, and is complimented with a Magnavox horn.  What’s great is that it’s not just for show, the music actually plays out the horn! How sexy would that be to have Duke Ellington’s In a Sentimental Mood playing out the iVictrola on a rainy day. * sigh*